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Wooduchoose is an online marketplace for the timber industry plus, the only wood product price comparison site on the web. We are wood and timber specialists, hardwoods, softwoods and modified timbers. We have thousands of bespoke timber profiles ready for you to choose your wood and get multiple quotes from timber merchants across the country.

We specialise in Sawn Timber, Planed timber and bespoke joinery. We also offer standard timber mouldings of all wood products, including wooden stair rail, wooden architrave and hundreds of timber tongue and grove board profiles ready for wooden flooring or cladding.

Our timber marketplace connects all those in the timber industry in a unique and innovative way. Using the latest technology, automation and AI, developed over many years, from our vast experience of the wood industry since the 1980s.

Buy or sell wood and wooden products online - hardwood, softwood, modified timber - your one stop shop for all things wood.

Cut to Size Timber

Using our unique, online, sawn board cutting list tool - we provide quotes for sawn boards in hardwood and softwood from our supplier network this ensures you have access to the best prices. Wood price comparison tool for woodworkers, joiners and all in the wood industry. We shop around so you don't have to.

Planed All Round Timber

Timber Planed all round (PAR) or PSE, planed square edged boards - available in a wide selection of hardwood and softwood. Use our planed squared edge cutting list too to receive quotes from the best timber suppliers across the country. Compare planed wood prices, one click multiple quotes.

Bespoke Joinery made to match

We work with the very best joinery manufacturers offering high quality bespoke joinery in many solid wood options. Use our interactive product wizard and get quotes to your inbox. Our partner network can match or make any wooden product to your requirements. Compare price and lead times for bespoke woodwork.


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Popular Timber, Wood Categories and Articles:

Popular Timbers:
Douglas Fir
Douglas Fir The sapwood of Douglas Fir can be whitish to pale yellow or red-pink, and varies in thickness. The heartwood is variable in colour, with a vast contrast between early wood and latewood. The grain is normally straight, and can be even, sometimes it is wavy or curly. The wood .., Read More about Douglas Fir

Sapele Mahogany When newly cut the heartwood of Sapele is pink but then darkens to a red-brown or purple-brown on exposure. The grain is moderately interlocked or wavy, with a fine texture. The wood can exhibit an attractive range of figure, with ribbon and regular stripe on quarter sa.., Read More about Sapele

Oak - Joinery Grade S/E (Euro)
European Oak - Joinery Grade Kiln Dried Oak Joinery grade Oak is the same as prime grade Euro Oak in terms of performance and overall colour/look but can exhibit more knots, blemishes and character than prime grade. Joinery grade oak is sometimes referred to as; light character .., Read More about Oak - Joinery Grade S/E (Euro)

Accoya Accoya® is the world’s leading high technology wood. Accoya® wood is produced from sustainably sourced, fast growing softwood (Radiata Pine) using a non-toxic modification process from the surface to the core. The result: a durable, stable and beautiful material with.., Read More about Accoya

Window and Door Components
Window And Door Components | Joinery sections and profiles Timber window and door components or wood window and door components are used in the manufacture or repair of wooden windows and doors. Most of our window and door componen..,

Tongue and Groove
Tongue and Groove | T&G panelling, cladding and flooring Timber tongue and groove boarding or wood tongue and groove boarding can be used for multiple applications from wood wall panelling to ceiling boarding. Plus it can be used in the m..,

Dado rail
Dado Rail | Dado rail ideas | Solid wood chair rails or dado A common question; What is the wood rail around a wall? Timber dado rail or wood dado rail is commonly used as a decorative mid height wall moulding internally. Our wood profile..,

Planed Square edge
Planed Square Edge | PSE | Planed all round Timber | Planed Wood | PAR Timber PSE or wood PSE is simply timber planed all round. in fact it is often referred to as PAR (planed all round). What does PSE stand for? PSE stands for pla..,

Constructional Timber
Constructional Timber | Wood Beams | Timber lintels and more Constructional timber is for beams, lintels, posts, trusses, rafters, purlins and much more. Our constructional timber can be selected in Green Oak, Seasoned Oak along wi..,

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Woodworking and joinery in Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0 is fast approaching us and in this article we look a number of resources on how industry 4.0 is impacting the woodworking industry.  Industry 4.0 refers to a new phase in the Industrial Revolution that focuses heavily on intercon..,

How To Increase The Value Of Your Home
Written by Jake of Western Constructors, Inc on April 19, ..,