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Made to order timber products, just for you.

Bespoke pricing for your custom wood profiles and timber needs at Wooduchoose. We connect you with the best companies for your project. Simply submit your requirements, and get multiple, competitive quotes to choose from. Get exactly what you need plus save time and money.




Save Time Wood Profile Sourcing and Custom Manufacturing Solutions

Struggling to find the right wood profiles? Have to match something? Or need a wood product to specific design? Save on sourcing costs and reduce project timelines with Wooduchoose. One click and we connect you to the right providers.

Wood Profile Sourcing

Trusted Wood Suppliers: Verified, Top-Quality, Best Prices

We connect you to the right providers based on your needs. Our partners are thoroughly verified, ensuring you access only the best in the country. Benefit from our unique price comparison system to secure the best deals from top suppliers, all conveniently accessible from your office, home, or job site.

Trusted Wood Suppliers

Expertise in Bespoke Timber and Custom-Made Wood Products and Mouldings

Our innovative timber marketplace serves as a hub for the timber industry, leveraging advanced technology, automation, and AI. Developed from decades of experience since the 1980s, we specialize in connecting clients with tailored, high-quality wood solutions.

Bespoke Timber

Effortless Bespoke Timber and Moulding Sourcing Without Trade Accounts

Gain exclusive access to trade-level services in the wood industry through Wooduchoose. No waiting, no trade accounts needed. Let us guide you seamlessly through the entire process, simplifying your search for premium wood products starting today.

Moulding Sourcing

Start your journey today to easily source the perfect timber product, simply browse our existing wooden profiles, or jump straight to our made to match services. For planed wood try our simple cutting list tool or for sawn wood try our sawn timber specification service. Finally, if you're looking for something special, why not take a look at our unique bespoke River Table design and build service.

Why Use Our Custom Wood Product Services?

Whether you are a construction professional, architect, in the wood industry, doing DIY or just have a need for something made from wood, we built this innovative site for you.

Because we work with the best providers in the business, you receive this exclusive insider access. We connect you to trade providers not typically available to the public, or even to most professionals. This is waht makes us very different. When you use our platform your are tapping into the industry at large. Meaning you get trade prices and access to the very best supppliers. No hassle of account forms, in-person visits, or trade account restrictions.

Simply choose what you need, anything, any wood and we get it made. Without the need to call or even leave your house or office. Customize, match, replicate or bespoke.

Our custom wood solutions meet the needs of any project, and our commitment to quality, great customer service and our unique price comparison system, ensures your satisfaction.

Our expertise in historic mouldings and restoration has made us the go-to choice, our products have ended up in some of the most iconic buildings in the country, including the London Palladium, Harrods, and Dartmouth Naval college for the Royal Navy, to name but a few. We have supplied timber for woodworkers that have been featured on Channel Four's Grand Designs. Why go anywhere else when we connect you to the right providers for your needs?

grand designs woodwork London Palladium wood mouldings Royal Navy woodwork Harrods woodwork Devon County Council woodwork

Mouldings and Wood Products Made to Match

Need a custom or bespoke wooden profile? or replica wood moulding? Or just need something made in wood to any design. Don't waste any more time. Compare price and lead times for bespoke woodwork, one click.

Buy Planed Timber - The Easy Way

Why waste time, endlessly, searching the web, calling or even driving around to get options for buying planed wood?. We do all that for you, with one click. Simply enter your cutting list and we do the rest. Compare planed wood prices, one click multiple quotes.

Buy Cut to Size Timber

The easy way to buy wood online with our sawn board cutting list tool - enter your list and get quotes for sawn boards in hardwood and softwood from from the best suppliers in the country. Wood price comparison tool, we shop around so you don't have to.


3 Easy Steps to Your Ideal Wood Product Solutions

Addressing your wood-related challenges with our extensive experience and cutting-edge technology. Simplify your journey to the perfect wood product with Wooduchoose.

custom timber mouldings and products

Step 1: Define Your Custom Wood Product Needs


Detail your specific requirements for wood products, from bespoke mouldings to precisely planed timber. Our network connects you with a range of suppliers ready to deliver the exact solution you seek.

buy wood online

Step 2: Effortless Price and Quote Comparison for Wood Products


Efficiently compare quotes and prices: Leveraging our unique price comparison system, you can effortlessly evaluate costs and lead times from multiple suppliers. Just one click brings you a comprehensive overview, ensuring time and cost savings.

how to buy made to match wood products online

Step 3: Personalised Support for Your Wood Project Needs


Experience dedicated customer service: At Wooduchoose, our focus on quality and exceptional support ensures we deliver custom solutions tailored to the unique requirements of your project.

Dedicated to Your Wood Needs: Our Mission and Commitment

At Wooduchoose, we adopt a unique approach to your wood-related challenges, grounded in a culture of inclusivity, openness, and trust. Our mission revolves around forging connections that cater to your specific wood requirements.

Our commitment is to offer unparalleled service and quality wood products perfectly suited for your projects. Discover our approach to fulfilling your wood needs:

order wood mouldings online

Streamlined Online Wood Ordering Experience


Our user-friendly platform allows you to easily specify your wood-related needs and receive multiple quotes from suppliers, all with just a few clicks.

custom made wood products buy online

Extensive Selection of Custom Wood Products


We offer a wide range of wood products, from bespoke mouldings to raw timber, all tailored to your exact specifications.

wood price comparison

Wood Price Comparison System


Our unique price comparison system ensures that you get the best deal, by allowing you to compare prices and lead times from the best suppliers.

timber products best customer service

Unbeatable Customer Service


We are committed to providing the best customer experience that meets the needs of your project. Our experience ensures that we can help and support you from contact through to delivery and beyond.

high quality wood products best price

Quality Assurance for Wood Products


We only work with suppliers who meet our high standards for quality, and we promise to deliver products that meet your exact specifications.

How will things change for you by using our wood mouldings and custom timber products services.

As a one stop service for all of your wood needs. We shop around, at a click of button, so you don't have to. Once you try you will never look back. Why would you? When we take the hassle away.

Our exclusive insider access means you gain entry to trade providers not typically available to the public, or even to most trade professionals. Our secret sauce gives you a taste of the exclusive world, without the hassle of account forms, site visits, or restrictions.

how buying timber online works

What We Do | Why We Are Different

  • We understand the challenges you face when it comes to finding the perfect wood for your project. That's why we're here to help, no matter what your requirements are.
  • We offer a wide range of sustainably-sourced, high-quality wood products from the best suppliers in the industry. With us, you can rest assured that you're getting the best of the best.
  • We take care of the hard work by doing the shopping around for you, saving you time, hassle, and money. You don't have to worry about finding the right supplier or the best deal.
  • We offer a convenient online ordering system and fast, reliable delivery, so you can get your project underway as quickly as possible without any stress or delay.
  • At Wooduchoose, we care about the environment and the impact we have on it. That's why all of our products are responsibly sourced, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you're helping to protect our planet.
igh-quality wood products


Matching and Custom Mouldings


Match existing mouldings or create custom profiles

Choose from a variety of wood species

Get competitive quotes for your project

Wood Moulding Copy Service

Sawn Wood to Bespoke Cutting List


Supply your cutting list and get the wood you need

Choose from a variety of wood species

Get competitive quotes for your project

Buy Sawn Timber Online

Planed Wood for Multiple Uses


Choose from a variety of wood species

Get your wood planed to your exact specifications

Get competitive quotes for your project

Buy Planed Wood Online

Download Our Free Guide to Buying Wood and Custom Wood Products Online

Looking to buy wood and custom wood products online? WoodUChoose has you covered. Our comprehensive guide provides you with the information you need to make the right choices for your project.

Learn about the different wood species available, how to measure and estimate quantities, and much more. Download our guide today and get started on your wood buying journey.

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Wooden Beading made to match


Wooden Beading made to order

Use the made to match wizard to match your existing wooden Beading.

Made to match Beading

Wooden Fascia Board made to match


Wooden Fascia Board made to order

Use the made to match wizard to match your existing wooden Fascia Board.

Made to match Fascia Board

Wooden Dado Rail made to match


Wooden Dado Rail made to order

Use the made to match wizard to match your existing wooden Dado Rail.

Made to match Dado Rail