Bespoke Wood Newell Cap.

Newell Caps: Enhancing the Aesthetics and Functionality of Staircases

Newell caps are essential in the design and finishing of staircases, serving both a decorative and protective role for the newel posts. These wooden caps are more than just ornamental; they safeguard the intricate joinery that characterizes quality stair construction.

Our selection includes a variety of timber species to suit different styles and requirements. American Oak and European Oak newell caps are favored for their strength and elegant grain, making them ideal for both modern and traditional settings. For a smoother texture, Maple is a versatile choice. In outdoor settings, the durability of Accoya and Iroko ensures longevity, while Sapele and Walnut offer rich hues and unique textures for a distinct look.

Whether you are looking for staircase post caps, timber post tops, or custom stair parts, our bespoke newell cap service can accommodate your specific design needs. We offer a comprehensive range of hardwood and softwood options, suitable for various indoor themes and external environments.

Discover the perfect balance of form and function with our collection of decorative stair components, designed to meet the highest standards of craftsmanship and style.

Newel Cap 02

Width: 98 mm - Thickness: 43 mm
Wood: You choose
Newel Cap 02 - NC02 image
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Newel Cap 03

Width: 90 mm - Thickness: 29 mm
Wood: You choose
Newel Cap 03 - NC03 image
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Newel Cap 04

Width: 90-145 mm - Thickness: 29-32 mm
Wood: You choose
Newel Cap 04 - NC04 image
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Newel Cap 05

Width: 99-170 mm - Thickness: 25-32 mm
Wood: You choose
Newel Cap 05 - NC05 image
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Newel Cap 10

Width: 144 mm - Thickness: 54 mm
Wood: You choose
Newel Cap 10 - NC10 image
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