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Wooduchoose is an online timber Merchant, wood specialist and hardwood supplier offering custom and bespoke timber mouldings and much more..


We love the beauty, the diversity and adaptability of wood. Wood is our passion and we hope to touch as many people as we can with its natural splendour. We are the wood specialists and offer hardwood and softwood for a huge range of products.

Please use the product wizard above. We can assist with any bespoke joinery or wood supply enquiry, large or small.

As we work with the best suppliers and manufacturers internationally, you can be sure that we can meet your requirements. Our unique, innovative, automated system provides you with instant prices for bespoke and custom wood products. We then retrieve fixed quotes from all, suppliers, that meet your criteria ensuring competitive prices without you having to shop around.

You then; compare prices, supplier location, delivery timescales and methods to get the best solution to suit you, all from qualified and suitable professionals. Saving you time and money as we know how and where to source exactly what you need. We only work with the best so you can be sure of quality and service.

We can supply you anything made from wood – please test us.


Vast experience in the construction and joinery manufacturing industries – since the early 1990s we have been involved in; high end building, bespoke joinery and the manufacture of fine wooden products.

Bringing WOOD People together

In today’s digital age we all use the internet to find what we are looking for, whatever it is. The joinery industry, being very traditional, has been slow to explore the concept of selling products online. Although there are other, very good, well established, companies that offer mouldings and other timber products online, Wooduchoose is unique - we offer bespoke/custom made timber products instantly priced and readily available via the click of a button or touch of screen.

We have something for everyone in the supply chain and beyond;

The End User– massive range of products available numerous timbers. A unique bespoke matching service. Access to our extensive (ever growing) source of information, support and advice. Plus a one stop shop for other related services - click here now to see all products.

Architects, Designers and Specifiers - free DWG downloads plus extensive information on products and timber species. Click here now to register and start downloading

Manufacturers and Suppliers – We are your shop window with constantly increasing product lines and ranges. For them it is a hassle free way to receive orders - click here to partner with us.

Industry Related Business/Trade Customers – Get instant prices even with bespoke mouldings.

Estimators, Quantity Surveyors and Cost Planners – Can use our website to get real time accurate quotations for bespoke timber mouldings.

All industries that use timber or timber components – With our bespoke service and the ability to locate and organise the manufacture of anything made of wood, we are contacted by people from all walks of life – Classic car restorers, caterers and chefs, people from the music industry, artists, sculptors to name but a few....

We hope you enjoy the experience and find what you need – we would really appreciate any feedback or thoughts you may have about the website so that we can continue to improve.

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