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Planed timber in any size and a choice of hardwood planed timber or softwood planed timber. We supply planed wood cut to your size and specifications. Firstly we will show an estimate for the planed wood then we provide detailed quotes with free national delivery on all planed timber orders.

Buy Timber Planed all round. A versatile wooden PSE. This product is made to order giving the flexibility to customize in the wood of your choice.

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Planed Square edge category and, like many of our products - this can be used in other applications. The next step is to select your wood choice and will guide you through our, unique, innovative, process of buying planed square edge online.

Use our planed timber cutting list tool to create your list of wood cut to size. You can add various wood species in hardwood and softwood.

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Planed timber has endless uses - you choose the size and the wood you would like it made in.

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Planed timber cutting list:

Please use the form below to build your planed timber cutting list by selecting the timber you require then entering the sizes and quantities, we will then create an estimate for your planed timber requirements which can then be used to get mutiple quotes from our approved network of planed timber suppliers.


The sizes are the finished sizes - i.e. the overall sizes after the timber is cut and planed all round (click here for more).

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Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Thickness (mm)


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  • Customizable planed timber

    Customizable and then lovingly made, for you, to order. You'll get estimated timescales at pricing stage

  • multiple planed timber partners

    We have multiple partners who can supply this product. Compare prices and options

  • Planed smooth timber

    Planed smooth, addition sanding may be required depending on your desired finish

  • planed timber available in mutiple timbers

    Available in your choice of wood species. We'll also help you choose the right wood for your application

  • planed timber Left unfinished

    Left unfinished to be coated or finished as desired. This will be 'bare' - for information about wood finishing please go to https://www.wooduchoose.com/finishing-and-decorating-wood

  • Timber supplier