Timber Planed all round [PSE]

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Planed timber to your sizes in the wood of your choice. From planed oak to planed walnut and many more PSE/PAR options.

The width and thicknesses shown are the overall finished sizes of the product. This is for kiln dried planed timber (unless stated otherwise in the individual wood description)

Timber Planed all round is a custom product - Learn More

Simply create your list of the planed timber you require, adding your own reference to each board entry, if required.

The sizes are the finished sizes - i.e. the overall sizes after the timber is cut and planed all round (click here for more).

If you are looking for sawn timber, we can help with that too - please CLICK HERE for SAWN TIMBER.

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Common Uses

Planed timber has endless uses - you choose the size and the wood you would like it made in.

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