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New Product ST2

Sawn Timber 161362

Width: N/A - Thickness: N/A
Wood: Black Walnut (American)
Sawn Timber 161362 - ST2 image
Sawn Timber | Softwood boarding in woodSawn Timber Softwood boarding in wood.Wooden Sawn Timber 161362..
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New Product ST123

Sawn Timber 1853

Width: N/A - Thickness: N/A
Wood: Oak - Joinery Grade S/E (Euro)
Sawn Timber 1853 - ST123 image
Different size Oak , Ash and Birch lamellas, for furniture production. Also possibility to glue different products, like table legs, window frames, etc...
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New Product ST167

Spruce and pine beams grades 1-3

Width: N/A - Thickness: N/A
Wood: Scandinavian Redwood
Spruce and pine beams grades 1-3 - ST167 image
Vacuum dried redwood (pine) and whitewood (spruce) for internal and furniture usage.Grades A1-A3. From Norway.Dried to 12% in vacuum..
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New Product WT141

Sawn Timber 1654

Width: N/A - Thickness: N/A
Wood: Teak
Sawn Timber 1654 - WT141 image
We have a plantation in Ketou, Benin. WithseveralTeak trees. We are seeking agents and buyers to for this African Teak. The plantations are in Ketou, Benin located about 100 km inl..
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