Bespoke Wood Decking.

Welcome to our selection of Decking Boards where you can find the perfect timber deck boards to create your dream outdoor space. Whether you are looking to build a new deck or revamp an existing one, we offer a variety of decking profile ideas to suit your style and needs. Our hardwood decking comes in a great range of profiles, ensuring that you can choose the ideal look and feel for your project.

Explore our collection to discover many decking ideas and designs that will transform your garden or patio into a beautiful and functional retreat. With our high-quality wood options, you can select the perfect deck board or decking board that not only looks fantastic but also stands up to the elements for years to come. Let us help you find the best decking solution to fit your personal taste and outdoor living requirements.

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Decking Moulding Finder: (Total Mouldings: 12)

Decking - made to match - Type 1

Match Your Width & Thickness Match your Moulding
Decking - made to match - Type 1 - DECKING MATCH 01 image

Decking - made to match - Type 2

Match Your Width & Thickness Match your Moulding
Decking - made to match - Type 2 - DECKING MATCH 02 image

Decking Board 01

Width: 145-148 mm - Thickness: 21-28 mm
Wood: You choose
Decking Board 01 - DK01 image
View DK01

Decking Board 02

Width: 135 mm - Thickness: 19 mm
Wood: You choose
Decking Board 02 - DK02 image
View DK02

Decking Board 03

Width: 142 mm - Thickness: 21 mm
Wood: You choose
Decking Board 03 - DK03 image
View DK03

Decking 07M

Width: 90 mm - Thickness: 21 mm
Wood: You choose
Decking 07M - DK07M image
View DK07M

Decking Board 103

Width: 100 mm - Thickness: 30 mm
Wood: You choose
Decking Board 103 - DK103 image
View DK103

Decking 05

Width: 145 mm - Thickness: 28 mm
Wood: Balau
Decking 05 - DK05 image
View DK05

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Our decking collection offers a range of high-quality timber options for creating durable and beautiful outdoor spaces. Ideal for gardens, patios, and balconies, these decking boards add a natural charm to your landscaping projects.

Choose from Balau, Iroko, Accoya, and European Oak for their resilience and aesthetic qualities. Each species ensures a long-lasting decking solution, perfect for different design themes from rustic to modern.

Looking for unique decking ideas or custom profiles? Our platform links you with top suppliers and craftsmen who can create bespoke decking solutions, ensuring your outdoor space is as unique as your home. Many decking profiles offered here are available in the wood of your choice.

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