Bespoke Wood Cills & thresholds, canopies & drips.

Welcome to our comprehensive selection of cills, thresholds, canopies, and drips designed to enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your windows and doors. Whether you are in the market for a sturdy door threshold, a classic wooden window sill, or an elegant wooden canopy, our products are crafted to meet a variety of needs and preferences. With the option to choose your timber profile and wood type, our collection ensures that you find the perfect match for your project.

Our range includes drip boards and double weathered boards that are essential for protecting your home from water damage, as well as capping to give a finished look to your installations. Each product is designed with both functionality and style in mind, ensuring that they not only serve their purpose but also contribute to the overall beauty of your property. Browse our selection to discover the ideal solution for your windows and doors, and elevate the look of your home today.

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Projecting Cill 01-N

Width: 120 mm - Thickness: 40 mm
Wood: You choose
Projecting Cill 01-N - CT01-N image
View CT01-N

Projecting Cill 01B-N

Width: 80-120 mm - Thickness: 40 mm
Wood: You choose
Projecting Cill 01B-N - CT01B-N image
View CT01B-N

Threshold 01

Width: 50 mm - Thickness: 35 mm
Wood: You choose
Threshold 01 - CT02 image
View CT02

Canopy 01

Width: 38 mm - Thickness: 32 mm
Wood: You choose
Canopy 01 - CT03 image
View CT03

Door Drip 15

Width: 36 mm - Thickness: 32 mm
Wood: You choose
Door Drip 15 - DS-WS15 image
View DS-WS15

Bar Rail S103

Width: 89 mm - Thickness: 60 mm
Wood: You choose
Bar Rail S103 - BRS103 image
View BRS103

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Cills, Thresholds, and Canopies: Essential Elements for Door and Window Design

Our selection of cills, thresholds, and canopies is designed to offer functional and aesthetic solutions for doors and windows. These components are essential in protecting from the elements and adding a finishing touch to your exterior designs.

Choose from durable hardwood options like Iroko for high traffic areas or explore other timber species to match your specific design needs. Our range caters to both traditional and contemporary architectural styles.

Need a custom solution? Connect with our network of suppliers and craftworkers who specialize in bespoke wooden components. Whether it is a unique canopy design or a specially sized threshold, we facilitate your custom woodwork and timber profile needs, many available in the wood of your choice.

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