Bespoke Wood Architrave Block.

Architrave Block | Door Corner block

Timber Architrave block is for door surrounds or around openings.

We offer these as hardwood architrave blocks and softwood options are available.

Most of our architrave corner blocks can be manufactured in the timber species of your choice.

The most popular are oak architrave blocks and we can make in either American oak or European oak. Walnut, Maple and ash architrave blocks are also very attractive options.

If you need bespoke architrave blocks or door corner blocks to match your design; we can help with this too - simply try our product wizard, from our home page, and we will guide you to your perfect custom or bespoke wooden items. Made to match or to your design - anything made in wood.

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Architrave Block 01

Width: 69 mm - Thickness: 15 mm
Wood: You choose
Architrave Block 01 - AB01 image
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Architrave Block 02

Width: 119 mm - Thickness: 28 mm
Wood: You choose
Architrave Block 02 - AB02 image
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Architrave Block 03

Width: 94 mm - Thickness: 19 mm
Wood: You choose
Architrave Block 03 - AB03 image
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Architrave Block 04

Width: 75 mm - Thickness: 25 mm
Wood: You choose
Architrave Block 04 - AB04 image
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