Bespoke Wood Architrave Block.

Welcome to our selection of architrave block and door corner block products, where we offer a variety of styles to enhance the beauty and detail of your doorways. Our architrave corner blocks are crafted from the finest hardwood and softwood, ensuring durability and a premium finish. Whether you are renovating your home or working on a new construction project, our corner blocks provide an elegant touch to any interior design.

Choosing the right door corners can make a significant difference in the overall appearance of your rooms. Our collection includes many styles, allowing you to find the perfect match for your doors and trim. Each piece is made with precision in the wood of your choice, offering a seamless and sophisticated look. Browse our selection of corner blocks to find the ideal accent for your architraves and give your doorways a polished and refined appearance.

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Architrave Block 01

Width: 69 mm - Thickness: 15 mm
Wood: You choose
Architrave Block 01 - AB01 image
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Architrave Block 02

Width: 119 mm - Thickness: 28 mm
Wood: You choose
Architrave Block 02 - AB02 image
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Architrave Block 03

Width: 94 mm - Thickness: 19 mm
Wood: You choose
Architrave Block 03 - AB03 image
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Architrave Block 04

Width: 75 mm - Thickness: 25 mm
Wood: You choose
Architrave Block 04 - AB04 image
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Architrave Block - Further Reading:

Architrave Blocks, also known as corner blocks or plinth blocks, serve a functional role in framing doorways and windows while adding a decorative touch. Typically installed at the base of casings, these wooden pieces offer a seamless transition between architraves and skirting boards. Our range includes a variety of sustainably sourced timbers, with each species providing its unique grain patterns and color tones. Ideal for both period restorations and modern designs, our architrave blocks can be custom-sized to fit your specifications, ensuring a perfect match for your architectural woodworking needs.

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