Bespoke Wood Bar Rail.

Traditional Wooden Bar Rails enhance the aesthetic and functionality of bar areas. Our selection includes a variety of profiles in both hardwood and softwood, customizable to your preference.

Popular choices include Oak, Sapele, Walnut, Beech, and Ash, offering both style and durability. These bar rails are perfect for interior use, providing comfort and protection to bar tops.

For bespoke requirements, use our product wizard for the perfect match. Architects and designers can also access CAD drawings for precise planning.

Bar Rail Moulding Finder: (Total Mouldings: 5)

Bar Rail S101

Width: 106 mm - Thickness: 76 mm
Wood: You choose
Bar Rail S101 - BRS101 image
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Bar Rail S102

Width: 128 mm - Thickness: 87 mm
Wood: You choose
Bar Rail S102 - BRS102 image
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Bar Rail S103

Width: 89 mm - Thickness: 60 mm
Wood: You choose
Bar Rail S103 - BRS103 image
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Bar Rail S104

Width: 76 mm - Thickness: 70 mm
Wood: You choose
Bar Rail S104 - BRS104 image
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Bar Rail S105

Width: 140 mm - Thickness: 67 mm
Wood: You choose
Bar Rail S105 - BRS105 image
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