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Timber rafters or wood rafters plus other timber roofing components for roofing works. Our roof timbers are often used for conservatory roofs, lean-to buildings and used to support glass or roofing sheets.

Many of our roofing products can be manufactured in the timber species of your choice.

The most popular wood species for roof joists and rafters are; European oak and Accoya roofing timbers. Iroko roofing timbers are highly recommended for external applications. Hardwood and softwood choices are available. Buy hardwood rafters online from Wooduchoose.

If you need to buy bespoke roofing timbers to match your design; we can help with this too - simply use our product wizard on our home page and we will guide you to the perfect bespoke wooden product.

Roofing Timbers Mouldings

Decorative Wooden Mouldings

This section focuses on Rafters but most items are extremely versatile and can be used for other applications.

At Wooduchoose we connect buyers with sellers of, high quality, wood products and industry related services. You’ll find offerings from the best manufacturers, joiners, craftworkers, timber suppliers and providers from around the world.


Width: 122 mm - Thickness: 42 mm
((4.8) 4-13/16-in x (1.65) 1-5/8-in)
Wood: You choose
Rafter 01 - RR01 image
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Width: 133 mm - Thickness: 42 mm
((5.24) 5-1/4-in x (1.65) 1-5/8-in)
Wood: You choose
Rafter 02 - RR02 image
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Width: 140 mm - Thickness: 20 mm
((5.51) 5-1/2-in x (0.79) 13/16-in)
Wood: You choose
Cover Fillet 10 - CF10 image
View Cover Fillet 10


Width: 90-120 mm - Thickness: 18 mm
Wood: You choose
Cover Fillet 18 - CF18 image
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Width: N/A - Thickness: N/A
Wood: You choose
Timber Planed all round - PSE image
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