Roofing Timbers.

Roofing Timbers: Essential Components for Durable Roofs

Our roofing timbers, including rafters and joists, are ideal for various roofing projects, from conservatories to lean-to structures. These components provide reliable support for glass or roofing sheets.

Explore our selection of roofing timbers, perfect for both traditional and contemporary designs, ensuring the structural integrity of your roofing works.

Custom roofing timber needs? Our product wizard assists in selecting and crafting bespoke timber components to match your unique design requirements.

Rafter 01

Width: 122 mm - Thickness: 42 mm
Wood: You choose
Rafter 01 - RR01 image
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Rafter 02

Width: 133 mm - Thickness: 42 mm
Wood: You choose
Rafter 02 - RR02 image
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Cover Fillet 10

Width: 140 mm - Thickness: 20 mm
Wood: You choose
Cover Fillet 10 - CF10 image
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Cover Fillet 18

Width: 90-120 mm - Thickness: 18 mm
Wood: You choose
Cover Fillet 18 - CF18 image
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Timber Planed all round

Width: N/A - Thickness: N/A
Wood: You choose
Timber Planed all round - PSE image
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