Prunus serotina (Rosaceae)

Prunus serotina (Rosaceae) wood colour
Prunus serotina (Rosaceae) wood grain

Somewhat Durable


Price Rating:

Material Grade:

580 kg/m3

Typical Tree Height:

Trunk Diameter:

Length Ranges:

Width Ranges:


American Cherry

The heartwood of Cherry can vary in colour from red-brown to either deep red or a lighter red-brown. It normally has brown or darker flecks. There can be considerable colour variations between boards. The narrow sapwood is white/cream to reddish-brown and sometimes to a creamy pink. American cherry has a fine, straight, close grain with a smooth texture and rich satiny feel. It can also display dark wavy streaks. When quartersawn the wood shows a beautiful figure.

At Wooduchoose we offer American Cherry, or Cherry for most of our products. We recommend as; Cherry skirting board, Cherry architrave, Cherry cover fillets, Cherry mouldings. There are however many other products that this wood can be used for.

Cherry on the wood database Further reading on Cherry timber:
If you would like to read a full profile specification on Cherry timber, please visit our sister site, Any One wood, The online wood reference database.

Material Type:

Also Called:
Black Cherry, Choke Cherry, Cabinet Cherry, Edwards Plateau Cherry, Wild Black Cherry, Wild Cherry, Rum Cherry, Whiskey Cherry, New England Mahogany

Durability Notes:
Cherry is moderately durable but the heartwood is very resistant to decay. The sapwood is vulnerable to attack from the common furniture beetle. Can be treated although heartwood is hard to treat.

The drying and seasoning of Cherry is dependant on a number of factors; the speed in which it is processed after felling and logging, the method of drying and the specific kilns or location (if air dried). Generally the care taken by those processing the wood will have an impact on its drying and seasoning. As an overview; Cherry - seasons well, either when air dried or kiln dried Please note that all wood is liable to move when in service plus there can be dimensional change. The extent of this will depend on; the stability of the species itself, the conditions it is exposed to, the coating, decoration and protection. You will find more information about the suitability of this wood, for any proposed application, by using our interactive system and the filters shown.

Cherry has medium strength and resistance to shock loads, low stiffness and good bending properties. It steam-bends well.

Typical Uses:
Furniture making, cabinetmaking, quality joinery, turnery, carving, musical instruments.

Spiritual Properties:
Spiritually this tree and its wood symbolise the strength of will and desire, for making and doing. It is also said to help you overcome challengingies and deal compassionately with others. It relates to the heart.

Moisture Content:
8-12% KD

Possible Health Risks:
Wheezing and giddiness

Wood Worker's Thoughts:
A very nice timber to work with


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