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Environment at WOODUCHOOSE

Wood is Eco Friendly | Wood A Sustainable Material

Wood: The King of Sustainable Materials

Top 10 Reasons for You to Use Wood

  1. Natures renewable material

  2. Infinite uses

  3. Incredibly beautiful

  4. Every Piece is unique 

  5. Easy to shape, adapt and work with

  6. Decorate and finish to your style

  7. Repairable

  8. Long lasting

  9. Recyclable

  10. Economical

Wood is one of the most sustainable and environmentally favourable construction materials available. This is due to its; absorption of carbon dioxide while growing, adaptability as a product and recyclability or use as a biofuel. (To learn more about wood specifically click here). Wood is the most eco friendly material we use.

To ensure that this remains the case - we carefully select our manufacturers to ensure they are fully aware of their obligations with regard to the importing and sourcing of timber. They ensure it is sourced from well-managed, credibly certified forests so that the risk of deforestation is eliminated. Illegal timber poses a real threat to the timber industry. It is therefore important that, collectively, we take responsibility for our part in the process.

All the materials we use are of the highest quality; that's vital when you are offering the ultimate bespoke joinery service.

But what is just as important is that it comes from a well-managed, sustainable source. All our materials do - and we know they do because we only purchase them from companies that operate a strict environmental policy like us.

Our suppliers are members of regulatory bodies like the WWF95+ Group and Forests Forever or similar - and are committed to providing high quality products from well managed sources.

They support the independent certification of sustainable forestry, for example FSC or PEFC, and work to link the increasing demand for independently certified sources with an expanding global supply base.

Sustaining the forest reserves is critical both to continued prosperity and global environmental stability. As a member of the Timber Trade Federation, they are signed up to the Environmental Code of Practice which encourages improved standards of conduct and condemns illegal logging practices.

WoodUChoose ensures that all its suppliers are members of similar federations.

We also carry out our own independent research into where and how the timber that our customers receive is forested.

Which woods are most sustainable?

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