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Sustainability in woodworking | Sustainable Wood

Wooduchoose is a sustainable business and all of our activities are carried out with careful consideration to the impact that we may have on the environment. Working with wood is a sensitive subject environmentally but managed correctly it is a uniquely renewable natural resource.

Timber is one of the most sustainable and environmentally favourable construction materials available. This is due to its; absorption of carbon dioxide while growing, adaptability as a product and recyclability or use as a biofuel.

To ensure that this remains the case - we carefully select our manufacturers to ensure they are fully aware of their obligations with regard to the importing and sourcing of timber. They ensure it is sourced from well-managed, credibly certified forests so that the risk of deforestation is eliminated. Illegal timber poses a real threat to the timber industry. It is therefore important that, collectively, we take responsibility for our part in the process.

We ensure that the practices of our suppliers do not contribute to illegal logging, violation of human rights in forestry operations and destruction of high value conservation areas.

There are strict legal constraints with regard to forestry and timber imports, both in the UK and internationally and our manufacturers ensure that comply with these regulations.

Our manufacturers offer timber that is, at the very minimum legally verified, most are FSC of PEFC (for more info go to links) and Chain of Custody (a fully certified process to link the specific timber board all the way back to its origin, recording all that ‘touch’ it on the way).

Click here for more information on where our species are sourced from. 

We also invest time, money and resources into research to learn more about how our wood is forested, using this information to constantly update this website.

We also look to select our approved suppliers/manufacturers to ensure that they are located strategically across the UK, ensuring that delivery miles are reduced and customers can select from companies in their area – helping their local economy.

Sustainable business

We at Wooduchoose also have a strict environment policy. This is not only for how we monitor those in our supply chain but how we conduct our own activities. We use technology to reduce our impact in a number of ways; our means of communication are predominantly electronic via email and automated systems. All of our documentation is stored electronically and 90% is electronic in its origin.

We carefully consider our travel arrangements to minimise environmental impact. Plus we are generally mindful and proactive towards saving water, reduction of waste to landfill and energy usage.