Handmade Wooden 3D Chess Board

Handmade Wooden 3D Chess Board

The ultimate in strategy and exercise for the mind, chess has entertained and intrigued for generations. A timeless classic that is best played face to face.

3D Chess - By Creative Minds for Creative Minds 

Handmade Wooden 3D Chess Board

With this innovative piece of craftsmanship you get to choose your own board layout with removable, different height board blocks providing a playing area with depth and texture - a true 3D effect. This is a beautifully hand crafted solid wooden chess board.

Uniform and Armor - American Black Walnut

American Black Walnut

They are beautifully turned out with a dark, decorative grain. Spiritually walnut will help them in times of war as a cleansing and healing wood, helping with focus and providing insight and protection. The walnut tree and its wood help us with our mental gifts. Even the walnuts themselves resemble little brains! Intelligence, wisdom and inspiration all come under its realm.

Uniform and Armor - Maple

Maple chess Pieces

An attractive, outfit of creamy hard Maple the whites have a more delicate look but are equally as hard in battle. Maple bestows the spiritual lessons of change, communication, and even rebelliousness. Known as a traveller’s wood, maple will help with adapting, learning and growing in many ways.

The Battle Field

wooden chess board

All of the board blocks can be easily removed and replaced. There are a number of different block heights to allow you to create your own unique landscape, even changing it between games. Made of Solid high quality kiln dried timber this hand crafted board is truly unique to you and provides a very different playing experience. No two chess games are ever the same - why should the board be?

The Pieces
 wood chess pieces

The Humble Pawn - A Pawn is likened to a common foot soldier - often the first into battle and prepared to be sacrificed. They are vital for gaining ground.

Fearless Knights - The Knights are prepared to literally jump into battle from the outset.

Graceful Bishops - The quiet unassuming nature means they can lurk behind the scenes and enter the theate to devastating effect.

Rear Guard Rooks - Often reluctant to join the battle until the later stages but not to be under estimated when they do.

The Boss - The Queen is by far the most potent, attacking piece on the board. She is often hunted by the enemy to bring her down at the expensive of any piece.

The King - Rarely gets his hands dirty and allows his subjects to do the fighting whilst expecting to be protected (sounds more like a boss!)


The pieces, board surround and board squares are all made from solid prime Black Walnut and Maple providing a stunning contrast.

Hand crafted and finished with just one coat of Osmo Oil Poly ox oil providing a subtle sheen whilst maintaining the natural beauty of these attractive hardwoods. 

wood 3d chess board

Handmade Wooden 3D Chess Board

Click to view and get prices for the Chess Board - https://www.wooduchoose.com/wooden/chessboard01/


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Posted on Monday 04 April 2022 at 11:21

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