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Wooden Surf Board 01 [SBA01]

Ventana Quilted Flyer Bolt 7'2" | Wooden Surfboard

A note from the provider: This sleek, hollow-framed, wooden surfboard is infused with incredible history. In progress and available for pre-order now! Free U.S. Shipping! The bottom and top decks are made of Douglas fir from the hull of the original Western Flyer, considered by many to be the most famous fishing boat in the world. John Steinbeck, Ed "Doc" Ricketts and crew chartered this 77-foot sardine boat into the Sea of Cortez in Baja California, Mexico in 1940. The following year, Steinbeck published his book, The Log from the Sea of Cortez about the adventure. Learn more about this amazing boat and Ventana's use of its wood. We filled the square nail holes in the hull wood with Entropy Resins bio-based epoxy and Black Diamond Pigments Aztec Gold. We've also included quilted maple from Meier Brothers Furniture, wenge from Brown Felicetta Designs, a coloured bass wood stringer from US Blanks by way of Upcycled Skate Art. The vent plug is made from reclaimed tiger wood. There is stunning gold and black pin stripping between the board and the cork rails. The translucent, glassed-on single fin is made of Western Flyer Douglas fir hull wood with quilted maple from Meier Brothers suspended in Entropy Resins clear casting resin mixed with yellow, red, and orange alcohol ink from Let's Resin with specs of Black Diamond Pigments Lux Gold. The leash loop is made from an 80+ year old nail head from the Western Flyer boat hull. The rails are made of cork which is more resistant to dings. There are two sheets of Aerialite 4-ounce fiberglass on top and one on bottom. The epoxy is Entropy Resins bio-based epoxy which is up to 40% tree sap and is very strong and light. Sanded with Uneeda, Inc. sandpaper. As with all Ventana Surfboards, the interior is glassed and sealed, as well. This board is hollow, lightweight and will ride as great as it looks. Given the uniqueness of each side, it's two art pieces in one.

Wooden Surf Board 01

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