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Watch with Rotating Magnetic Ball [GFT057]

Minimal Wood Watch with Rotating Magnetic Ball

A note from the provider: Have you been on a hunt for a one-of-a-kind wood watch that separates itself from the rest? Looking for perfect Christmas gifts for your loved ones? Then look no further This stunning men's wooden Magnetic watch can come with Leather or Silicone Band and has a unique and magnificent dial which is designed in the most innovative way. This timepiece has a mirrorless design (no glass on the watch face) and Instead of traditional hands to tell the time, the watch features 2 small steel ball bearings that follow the magnets incorporated within the watch mechanism that sits beneath the steel face. To ensure that the ball bearings do not get stuck due to dirt and debris getting trapped in the tracks as it has not glass on the face we advise you to clean the tracks with an earbud. Sudden movement or shaking of the hand will cause the ball bearings to move freely within the channel, but as soon as the hand is still, the magnets re-positions the ball bearings so that you can tell the time. The ball bearings are retained within the wood dial that has a channel to prevent the ball bearings from falling out. DETAILS: - DIAL DIAMETER: 1.5 // 40 mm - CASE HEIGHT: .45 //11 mm - CASE MATERIAL: WALNUT WOOD, STAINLESS STEEL - CASE WIDTH: 1.6 /41.50mm - CASE THICKNESS: .47 /12mm - WATCH BAND MATERIAL: FAUX Leather/ - BAND WIDTH: .8 /20mm - WEIGHT: 2.8oz/79g FEATURES: - Waterproof (water can damage wood) - Quartz movement - Includes a manual for full instruction of the watch - 1 year limited warranty against manufacture defects - Comes in a durable quality bamboo storage box ready for safe keeping and gifting

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Minimal Wood Watch with Rotating Magnetic Ball

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