Stair tread H102 [SCH102]

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Decorative wooden stair tread

Wooden stair tread for staircases or staircase cladding. This product is available in many hardwoods and softwoods. Hardwood stair tread or softwood stair tread - the wood you choose.

Learn more about this product - CLICK 'View Detail Sheet'. The dimensions shown are the overall, finished sizes.

Stair tread H102 is a custom product - this is produced to order and available in many types of wood.

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This item is recommended for internal application

Product Size - Width: 134 mm - Thickness: 27 mm

Imperial (inches) - Width: 5 4/16" x Thickness: 1 1/16"

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  • Left unfinished to be coated or finished as desired. This will be 'bare' - for information about wood finishing please go to

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  • Customizable and then lovingly made, for you, to order. You'll get estimated timescales at pricing stage

  • Available in your choice of wood species. We'll also help you choose the right wood for your application

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Up to 12 suppliers waiting to quote for Stair tread H102

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