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Resin Walnut Charcuterie Board [RWP03]

Charcuterie Board | Walnut Serving Tray | Green Resin River

A note from the maker: Charcuterie Board This Lime Green pigment is spectacular, bright pearlescent colour with shimmer of gold creates a truly unique effect which you’ll find yourself gazing at for hours. Photos don’t do it justice, I’m but a humble Joiner, photography is defiantly not my forte. This board has been entirely hand crafted by myself and finished to a high standard of craftsmanship. At least 20hrs of labour goes into each and every board I make, which makes them particularly unprofitable for me, but I enjoy making them so I do it in my spare time. This particular board is American Walnut sourced from my local Exotic Hardwood supplier. The Lightning effect is burnt into the timber with 24000 Volts using my custom built Lichtenburg Devise. The Burn is then brushed/cleaned/sanded/sealed and infilled with the pigmented Resin. The Green is made with a type of Resin created for this application. The effect is difficult to master and consist of 3 different tones of special pearlescent pigments mixed and blended. Every board is different, no 2 are ever the same. The board is finished with Food Safe Oil, which makes it suitable for light cutting/chopping on, or to preserve the finish use it as serving board or hang it in your kitchen and admire its beauty. Can be sanded and reoiled if it becomes blemished with use. Not dishwasher safe. Wipe clean only. I use antibacterial wipes on my timber serving boards. (The Knife and Sweet Red Pepper are not included)

Resin Walnut Charcuterie Board - Epoxy Resin Wood Product

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