Profitsystem I-Joists [BMS1]

PROFITSYSTEM produces high-quality wooden I-joists, a modern construction material which is used
as load-supporting units of floorings, rafter structures and framed wall elements for the construction of
low-rise residential and public buildings.
PS-Joists are manufactured using world-class technology and can be applied for houses made of bricks,
lightweight concrete block, timber, in frame houses and effectively replace the floorings made of
reinforced concrete slabs, timber, boards, steel beams.

Profitsystem I-Joists [BMS1] Product details


Pine - Parana Pine imagePine - Parana Pine
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Application Application

This item is recommended for internal application

Product Size - Width: 89 mm - Thickness: 450 mm

Product priced by: 'Unit(s)'

  • set design and materail

    Made to a set design and materail, often available 'off the shelf' but sometimes produced to order to ensure best quality

  • available in a set wood or material

    This product is available in a set wood or material

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