Olive Wood Soap Dish 13 [SDWG 7.5-12.5]

Olive Wood | Soap Dish - Soap Dish 13

Olive Wood Soap Dish 13 - Beautifully crafted, soap dish with grooves 7,5 x 12,5 cm/2,9-4,9 inch -

Handcrafted Olive Wood - Soap Dish

Our olive wooden board, brings a Mediterranean atmosphere into the kitchen. carefully made by Tunisian hands.

We are seeking buyers, wholesalers and disriputors for this and many other beautifully crafted Olive wood products


Olive (East African) imageOlive (East African)
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This item is recommended for internal application

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  • set design and materail

    Made to a set design and materail, often available 'off the shelf' but sometimes produced to order to ensure best quality

  • available in a set wood or material

    This product is available in a set wood or material

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