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Knife Holder [GFT048]

Knife Holder

A note from the provider: Olive wood knife holder. Magentic knife holder made from centuries old olive wood. A RARE and Beautiful Olive wood knife holder is equipped with powerful magnets and can hold up to 7 knives. Gorgeous Olive wood stock available Olive wood knife holder has neodinium magnets inside which never lose their magnetic properties. Holds up to 7 knives in total on one side only. Dimensions 32-35 cm L x 21 H cm aprox 12 63/64 x 7 3/32 Multiple pieces are in the making daily. Grain can vary from unit to unit. Piece as pictured was sold but other versions are available in same design/shape. Do you have more knives than this magnetic knife holder can hold? Go with this bigger version which has magnets on both sides and can hold up to 12 knives ( 6 + 6 ) Dimensions 32-35 cm L x 21 H cm aprox 12 63/64 x 7 3/32 If you want something unique, something well made and which can be a good conversation starter, well, this magnetic knife holder is for you. All products that you see in our store are designed and made entirely by us in our shop. When buying from us, not only do you receive unique and top-quality items, but you support small business owners and do something good for entertainment. Because we're getting our wood stock only from certified lumber yards and controlled plantations. IMPORTANT The knife block as seen in the pictures was sold and no longer available. A grain is different from unit to unit. It can go horizontal or vertical in any kind of pattern and not 2 are alike. But each unit looks beautiful in its way and they all have the same design /shape. I always use the most beautiful pieces available for these stands. This is our bestseller and, unfortunately, we can't take pictures of every unit. But you can always contact us for pictures and we always do our best to satisfy any needs. For better understanding, look at the review photos too. This magnetic knife block is made from CENTURIES -old Olive wood. It has matching grain from both sides. The knife holder stands on small feet made from European walnut. This magnetic knife block can store 7 big knives or any metallic utensil. (On one side) It has strong magnets inside and they will hold even really big knives. Magnets are strategically put in place so the knives will not overlap and they will have proper spacing between them. This is all handmade from very precious materials and it can be a great addition to any kitchen, kitchen island top, or even cellar. Wood with such a rich history and very beautiful grain is put together to form a very useful accessory in your kitchen. For more information, please contact us.

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Knife Holder

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