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Black Epoxy Resin river table [TBL072]

Black Epoxy Resin river table

A note from the provider: Upgrade your décor with some incredible functional art from Ustudios. Creative and modern twists on regular furniture. From river tables to epoxy paintings and more. Don’t settle for boring furniture anymore, invest in furniture that inspires you. Details: A gorgeous take on the regular river table. This “reverse-river” table is made from the hardwood Elm, contained between charcoal black resin. The charcoal resin also has a subtle spiral design to add more depth to the table. The use of black resin further emphasizes the beautiful grain and colour of the Elm. This coffee table is then fitted with a pair of bespoke steel legs, powder-coated matte-black, screwed into the tabletop. If you would like more pictures or details on the piece, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I'm happy to help. Dimensions: length: 90cm width: 56cm Height: 41cm Sustainability: The Elm used for this river table was originally an offcut when sourced, making it the perfect upcycling project. Environmental sustainability is a large factor for all of my projects. That’s why I use hardwood offcuts for as many projects as I can making them not only more sustainable but also upcycled. Maintenance: Resin tables are as low maintenance as any other furniture, only requiring a clean every now and then. The most effective way to clean epoxy is with glass cleaner and newspaper, however, don’t worry if you haven’t got any. Any regular surface cleaner will work just fine. Epoxy is naturally scratch and heat resistant, however, I would still take the necessary precautions when in use, such as the use of coasters with hot drinks. Prolonged exposure to heat can cause the epoxy to temporarily soften slightly. This makes it more prone to scratches and dents. For this reason, I would also keep the tables away from active radiators. Epoxy is designed to be UV and heatproof, so the likelihood of the epoxy softening is very low, however, it is still worth noting as a precaution.

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Black Epoxy Resin river table

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