Welcome to our selection of Plaques and Mounting back boards, where we offer a variety of options to suit your display needs. Whether you are looking for a sophisticated hardwood plaque or a versatile softwood option, we have an array of materials to choose from. Our plaques are perfect for commemorating special occasions, honoring achievements, or simply adding a touch of elegance to your space.

Once you have chosen your ideal plaque, you can select from our range of timber display boards designed for multiple uses. These back boards provide a sturdy mounting solution that enhances the overall presentation of your plaque. With our easy-to-navigate category, finding the right combination of plaque and wood is straightforward and hassle-free. Start creating your personalized display plaque today!

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Plaque 01

Width: 150-230 mm - Thickness: 15-20 mm
Wood: You choose
Plaque 01 - PL01 image
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Plaque 05

Width: 170-230 mm - Thickness: 20 mm
Wood: You choose
Plaque 05 - PL05 image
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Plaques: Versatile Timber Display Boards for Every Occasion

Our timber plaques serve multiple purposes, from mounting boards for crests and shields to display boards for various items. Available in different shapes and sizes, they offer flexibility for your display needs.

Choose from a range of woods like Oak, Ash, Walnut, or Maple, each adding its unique aesthetic to your plaques. Whether it’s for decorative or functional use, our plaques meet diverse requirements.

Customize your plaques ensuring they match your specific design or functional needs, from engraved to personalized options.

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