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Timber pellets. Our interactive wood database helps you find the most suitable wood for thousands of products including pellets. Wooden pellets, parts and much more.

At Wooduchoose we offer thousands of timber products, often bespoke, custom or purpose made to your needs. Working with the best manufacturers, joiners and timber suppliers in country - you can be sure we can meet your requirements. This category is for wood pellets or wooden pellet components. Shown here are all products relating to wooden stops. Within this category we offer wooden pellets, wood plugs, stops and if you can't find exactly what you need simply follow the made to match process.

Partner with us - If you are a supplier, manufacturer, woodworker or someone that offers solid wood products that fit this category, please click here to offer your services.

Pellets-Example Product

Width: mm - Thickness: mm Wood : You choose
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