Door Stops/Wedges.

Welcome to our selection of door stops and wedges, where functionality meets style. Whether you are looking to keep a door open or prevent it from damaging the wall, our range of timber door stops and hardwood door wedges is designed to suit your needs. You can choose from a variety of styles to match your home's decor, ensuring that practicality does not compromise the aesthetic of your space.

Our door stops and wedges are crafted from high-quality woods, offering durability and a touch of elegance. With the option to select the type of wood, you have the flexibility to pick the perfect texture and color that complements your door and flooring. Browse our collection today to find the ideal solution to keep your doors in place, seamlessly blending with your home's design.

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Door Wedge 01

Width: 38 mm - Thickness: 24 mm
Wood: You choose
Door Wedge 01 - DW01 image
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Door Wedge 02

Width: 38 mm - Thickness: 24 mm
Wood: You choose
Door Wedge 02 - DW02 image
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Door Stops and Wedges: Functional Elegance in Timber

Our timber door stops and wedges are designed to hold doors open with style and functionality. These wooden accessories are quieter, more environmentally friendly and add a natural touch compared to metal and plastic alternatives.

From classic Oak to contemporary Ash, select the wood species that best fits your interior design. Our range includes options for both indoor and potentially outdoor use.

Looking for bespoke door stops or wedges? We guide you through creating custom wooden products to match any design or functional requirement.

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