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Coving, Cornice, and Pelmets: Defining Elegance in Woodwork

Our range of coving, cornice, and pelmet, timber profiles, offer an elegant solution to enhance both internal and external spaces. These decorative mouldings are ideal for ceiling coving in kitchens and living spaces, as well as in furniture making and cabinetry.

Select from Scandinavian Redwood, Tulipwood, Sapele, Douglas fir, or Utile, with Oak varieties for a classic look. Accoya is recommended for its external durability. Each species provides a unique character to your design, fitting various themes from Victorian to modern minimalism.

Looking for bespoke coving or cornice? Our platform connects you with skilled manufacturers who can craft custom wood products to your specifications. Discover our diverse selection for your next interior or exterior design project.

Coving / Cornice / Pelmet Moulding Finder: (Total Mouldings: 522)

Dado Rail 16

Width: 78 mm - Thickness: 44 mm
Wood: You choose
Dado Rail 16 - DR16 image
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