Constructional Timber.

Constructional Timber | Wood Beams | Timber lintels and more

Constructional timber is for beams, lintels, posts, trusses, rafters, purlins and much more.

Our constructional timber can be selected in Green Oak, Seasoned Oak along with other specific grades and types of Oak. We can also offer in Greenheart and Balau with fewer dimensional options for these species.

Douglas Fir is also popular as constructional timber. Douglas Fir beams, Douglas fir lintels and Douglas fir joists are ideal.

The most popular constructional timber species is Green Oak. Green oak lintels, green oak beams and other products are available. Don't forget if you have any specific requirements for constructional timber (not yet listed on our site); we can help with this too - simply use our product wizard on our home page and we will guide you to the perfect bespoke wooden product.

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This section focuses on the Wood Beams - sub-set of the timber industry. Including related goods and services.

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Sawn Timber Board

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