Southern Yellow Pine
Pinus palustris and P. elliottii (Pinaceae)

Pinus palustris and P. elliottii (Pinaceae) wood colour
Pinus palustris and P. elliottii (Pinaceae) wood grain

Somewhat Durable


Price Rating:

670 kg/m3

Typical Tree Height:

Trunk Diameter:

Length Ranges:

Width Ranges:


Southern Yellow Pine

The sapwood of Southern Yellow Pine varies in width, and is white to yellowish, even orange-white or pale yellow. The heartwood is light yellow to red-brown, and is resinous. There is contrast between early wood and latewood and this can be seen in the growth rings. The grain is straight and uneven with a medium texture. Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) the heaviest of the commercial softwoods. The heavier stock is sold as 'pitch pine' with the lighter wood being referred to as 'southern pine'. It has a distinctive, attractive grain and is usually uniform and consistent through out. Finishes well and has multiple uses.

At Wooduchoose we offer Southern Yellow Pine, or SYP for most of our products. We recommend as; Yellow pine skirting board, yellow pine architrave, yellow pine stair components, yellow pine mouldings. There are many other products that this wood can be used for.

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Material Type:

Also Called:
Florida Pine, Florida Yellow Pine, Florida Longleaf Pine, Georgia Yellow Pine, Pitch Pine, Heart Pine, Spruce Pine, Slash Pine, Yellow Slash Pine

Durability Notes:
Southern Yellow Pine has moderate resistance to decay but can be vulnerable to insect attack. The sapwood is permeable for preservative treatment, but the heartwood is resistant. SYP is not normally used externally.

The drying and seasoning of Southern Yellow Pine is dependant on a number of factors; the speed in which it is processed after felling and logging, the method of drying and the specific kilns or location (if air dried). Generally the care taken by those processing the wood will have an impact on its drying and seasoning. As an overview; Southern Yellow Pine - These pines dry well with little impact on the grade and quality of the wood. There is only small movement in service. Please note that all wood is liable to move when in service plus there can be dimensional change. The extent of this will depend on; the stability of the species itself, the conditions it is exposed to, the coating, decoration and protection. You will find more information about the suitability of this wood, for any proposed application, by using our interactive system and the filters shown.

Southern Yellow Pine has high crushing, stiffness and bending strengths. Medium resistance to shock loads. The resin content makes it unsuitable for steam bending. The wood works fairly well with either hand or machine tools. It has a tolerable blunting effect on cutting edges but resin can clog cutters and saws. It planes, moulds, drills and turns fairly well. Glues, screws, sands and nails well. The wood has satisfactory qualities for painting, varnishing, staining and polishing.

Typical Uses:
Joinery, domestic flooring, railway sleepers ,Railroad ties, heavy construction, bridges, mine timbers, decking, boxes, crates, pallets, particleboard and pulp. Turpentine and resin are also produced from the wood.

Spiritual Properties:
Pine is a tree of peace. As an evergreen it reminds us that peace can be everlasting in our hearts. The pine cones and their magical seeds also suggest renewal. This wood is great for meditation and as sense of harmony.

Moisture Content:
12-18% KD

Wood Worker's Thoughts:
Nice timber to work with, there is a considerable hard and soft grain contrast both in appearance and texture


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