Shorea spp.

Shorea spp. wood colour
Shorea spp. wood grain

Very Durable

Not Workable

Price Rating:
Very Expensive

845 kg/m3

Typical Tree Height:

Trunk Diameter:

Length Ranges:

Width Ranges:



The colour of Balau can be variable depending upon the species: ranging from a pale brown colour, to a darker red-brown. I has a coarse texture with medium to large pores. Grain is sometimes interlocked. Balau is extremely durable and resistant to decay as well as hardwearing - hence its widespread use as an exterior decking

Balau on the wood database Further reading on Balau timber:
If you would like to read a full profile specification on Balau timber, please visit our sister site, Any One wood, The online wood reference database.

Material Type:

Also Called:
Yellow Balua, Lauan

Durability Notes:
Balau is variable among species; but gerenally (Yellow Balau) is considered as durable in regard to decay resistance. Used for exterior decking Balau is also hardwearing.

Balau is hard to work, due to its high density. Some species may have a slight blunting effect on tools due to small levels of silica present in the wood. Glues, stains and finishes well.

Typical Uses:
General construction, flooring, as well as a number of other general external purposes.

Moisture Content:
12-18% KD

Considered critically endangered by The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species (this was last assessed in 1998 and considerable changes in awareness and more stringent forestry controls may have had an impact and the results of the latest assessment are due soon) for more information and latest updates please visit and type in the botanical name of the species into the search box. It should also be noted that one unintentional shortcoming of the Red List is that it only considers the risk of extinction; broader issues dealing with habitat destruction or deforestation are not considered. Also, it does not necessarily take into account the maturity of the trees (i.e., centuries-old trees are cut down, and subsequently replanted with saplings) Therefore we hope that further assessments will consider this long term commitment to re-growth.

Wood Worker's Thoughts:
Hard, durable and heavy - often used marine environments. Can twist and warp during machining.


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