Distemonanthus benthamianus (Leguminosae)

Distemonanthus benthamianus (Leguminosae) wood colour
Distemonanthus benthamianus (Leguminosae) wood grain

Durable (external use)

Moderately Workable

Price Rating:

680 kg/m3

Typical Tree Height:

Trunk Diameter:

Width Ranges:


Ayan | Nigerian satinwood | Ayan wood

Ayan has a pale yellow sapwood that is not clearly differentiated from the heartwood, which can vary in colour from lemon-yellow to golden-brown, and sometimes has dark streaks. The grain of Ayan is sometimes wavy and interlocked. When quarter sawn the surfaces show a very pleasing striped and mottled figure. It has a glossy surface with a fine and even texture. It can contain silica. Often used for windows and doors. It can be challenging to paint/coat as wood colour 'burns' through the coatings. Requires de-oiling and the use of a blocking primer

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Material Type:

Also Called:
Nigerian Satinwood, Ayanran, Movingui, Barre, Bonsamdua, Eyen

Durability Notes:
The heartwood of Ayan is resistant to preservatives and the wood is classed as moderately durable.

The drying and seasoning of Ayan is dependant on a number of factors; the speed in which it is processed after felling and logging, the method of drying and the specific kilns or location (if air dried). Generally the care taken by those processing the wood will have an impact on its drying and seasoning. As an overview; Ayan - It dries quite quickly and must be seasoned carefully, with protection from sunlight and strong winds while drying; otherwise it can twist and split. In service there is little movement and has very good dimensional stability. Please note that all wood is liable to move when in service plus there can be dimensional change. The extent of this will depend on; the stability of the species itself, the conditions it is exposed to, the coating, decoration and protection. You will find more information about the suitability of this wood, for any proposed application, by using our interactive system and the filters shown.

Ayan is a hard and dense wood with medium bending strength. Compression strength is good along the grain and high crushing strength. It has with low stiffness and shock resistance. Severe blunting on tools can occur and a certain resistance to cutting due to silica in the wood. Saw blades can become clogged. A good finish can be obtained if the surface is pre-filled. Nailing and screwing requires pre-drilling. Glues very well. Ayan is not suitable for areas like kitchens, because the yellow dye in the pores is soluble in water, which result in staining.

Moisture Content:
12-18% KD

Possible Health Risks:


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