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We love wood, obviously, but we also love the timber industry as a whole. It is so vast with millions of people choosing the industry for their working lives.  

How to start a career in woodworking?

A career in woodworking is one of the most fulfilling vocational routes that you can take. And it's not just about woodworking and carpentry, there are so many avenues within the timber industry and so many opportunities for anyone considering this pathway.

Here are just few of the job name and words you might find for career routes within the timber industry.

Timber Industry job options

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If you're good with your hands and you like to craft and make things, woodworking is a perfect choice. Wood is so beautiful, tactile, and workable it provides endless opportunities to make things out of this amazing material.

Man has been using wood as a primary resource since time began. Every building and living space has wood within it, whether this is in the structure, the finishes, the furniture or many more places you'll find wood, all of these uses, in turn, create the different avenues within the woodworking space.

You first need to explore what would interest you most - a job on the 'shop floor' physically working the wood or a job behind the scenes. Once you find your preferred path you then need to decide how you would like to enter the industry – this can be via full time educational routes, apprenticeship schemes, part time training and vocational courses, direct work experience and on site learning plus many more.

You can research woodworking courses in your area or visit you local wood working company or timber merchant or business working in the sector.

You are never too old or too young to start a career in wood. We’ve known career changes at 40+ and apprentices at 16 (with work experience at 14/15 years old). 

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Jobs in the timber industry

We have been on both sides of recruitment in the wood industry and we know how challenging it can be to find the right people to fullfill vacancies plus the challenge of finding good jobs as a candidate. With this in mind we decided to create the only timber industry job platform of its type.

Wood working jobs

Wooduwork is dedicated to providing quality leads and connections for both job seekers and talent hunters in the timber industry.


Working in the woodwork sector since the early 1990s, we've experienced the challenges of finding the right people. So we have provided the solution - Wooduwork.

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About Wooduwork

Wooduwork is a dedicated job portal for the wood industry and related trades. As an online portal we use new and emerging technologies to update our users instantly and automatically with the latest jobs and highly skilled talent. A seamless, efficient and cost effective solution to recruitment in the woodworking sector.


Part of the Wooduchoose group, a globally respected, timber industry leader. With experience in this field dating back to the 1980s we have the knowledge and expertise to help companies and job seekers to find their perfect match.

Timber jobs

Trusted Solutions

A trusted solution to your recruitment needs for a specialist industry. Easy to use for both recruiters and job seekers. Wooduwork - your search starts and ends here.


Our system allows instant connection and routes to communicate with your perspective employees or employers. Post your job or your resume/CV and start connecting.

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Posting on Wooduwork ensures maximum coverage in this sector. Your job posts or job seeking will be exposed to the right candidates or employers, guaranteed.

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