Five stunning examples of wooden wall art.

Five stunning examples of wooden wall art.

We often talk on this blog about the benefits of timber and how this natural product can be used in many high end practical applications, such as flooring, doors or bespoke windows. But timber also has a place in stunning interior design by using it as unique wall art.

Wooden wall art examples.

In this blog we will introduce you to some of the most unique uses of wood, often scrap wood or reclaimed wood, for art installations. We have noticed in many interior design publications, or big build programmes like grand designs that wood is often being used for than just for a constructional purpose. The finish of wood and timbers is now more commonly discussed. You will notice more and more larch clad builds, due to the fact the colour will change with aging.

This blog showcases five of the best, in our opinion, wood art installations available to buy in the UK. Wood art is a really sustainable product does to the use of scrap timer or reclaimed timber.

You may thing that ordering a bespoke art installation would be expensive, but it’s truly not considering the expertise and skills involved in creating them along with the stunning visual finish of each piece. There is always something special about owning a bespoke piece of art, you can now take it to the next level with a beautiful piece of modern art.

We hope you find our wooden art suggestions below useful.


1. Geometric Wood Wall Art Panels Set of 3.

Geometric Wood Wall Art Panels

Our first example of wooden wall art is this stunner, a bespoke Geometric Wood Wall Art master craft. The unique piece of art is perfect for any bedroom decor, dining room wall decor, living room wall decor, entryway wall décor in fact any room that has a wall, if no wall? maybe build one with the sawn timber we offer!.  

Geometric Wooden Artwork is large enough to stand on its own yet small enough that it could be included with any other wall art decor. Geometric Wood Wall Art Panels Set of 3 is strong yet lightweight so you can feel comfortable hanging it.

Timber is such a natural products it is perfect for bespoke wall art, although this piece looks like it can be replicated, the individual grain and colour of each piece of timber will ensure you will always own a unique piece of wooden wall art.

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2. Modern Wood Wall Art-Wood Sculpture.

Wood Wall Art-Wood Sculpture

Some might say this piece of wooden wall art is simple, but they are wrong, its stunning! Made from individual pieces of wood, often recycled end cut off, making this a super sustainable piece of wall art.

The fact that each piece of timber is individual cut often from different boards you will always get a unique mix of timbe grains and colours.

This is a natural product and comes in the following size:  Width: 24 inches, Height: 48 inches, Depth: 1.5 inches. Hats off to the creator of this piece of art, No two pieces of wood are the same and each piece of wood takes paints of various colours differently.

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3. Aztec wood wall art.

AZTEC wood wall art

The Aztec’s created many stunning thing’s and are know for their architectural brilliance, which is why this piece of wooden wall art lives up to its name perfectly. Each piece of artwork is individually made to order and can be made to custom sizes on request.

The artist only uses locally sourced wood and each piece is handmade. It's a perfect decoration for your space with a brand new look and unique design.

No two pieces are exactly alike, each is beautiful and unique in its own right. Wooden Artwork at its best!

Width: 44 inches - Height: 20 inches

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4. Ocean Blue Wall Art. 

Ocean Blue Wall Art

Similar to recommendation number two, this stunning pine wood wall art is hand-painted interior decor and will be perfectly suitable for your office or home in any room. It will bring peace and naturality to your interiors. Your guests can't take their eyes from your nautical wall decor.

Ocean blue - turquoise shades is the colour of the piece of art. This beach decor will bring freshness to your living room. This varnish is for protection of the colours. They are all natural and no harm for people health. Every piece of this large wall art is unique as the colours are prepared by mixing it by hand.

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5. Reclaimed Wood Wall Art.

Reclaimed Wood Wall Art

Wooden artwork piece 5, have we saved the based to last .. quite possibly. This handmade artwork is made by family members and ever item is unique.

Each piece of the wooden wall art allows the artists to express their unique style and artistic spirit with a colourful wood mosaic made t order. Accent your walls, or gift one to a friend or loved one. All are handcrafted with care to inspire you and those you share them with.

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Get your own bespoke wood item:

We hope this article has been useful and inspiring, we have tried to show how bespoke wooden art can really add a visual impact to your home or office. If you are looking for any bespoke item in wood, then please use the link below to view our bespoke quotation request.


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