Resin wood products what are they?

The stunning combination of the, natural, beauty of wood with the clean striking effects of epoxy resin.  Wooduresin is a collection of some of the best resin and wood products available. From river tables to resin wood phone cases. We showcase products here plus you can build your own custom products.

What is wood resin or resin wood?

Wood resin is a combination of real wood and resin. Wood and epoxy resin products are becoming more and more popular. And you can see why, the effect is amazing and there are so many options and variables. Wood, being a natural product, means that every piece is completely unique, mixed with the colours of the epoxy resin, your product is one of a kind. We even have a tool where you can custom make your own river table with many, size, wood species and resin options. We also showcase many resin wood products including ready to purchase river tables, resin wood clocks and more. 

What is wood and resin all about? So, the art of using wood with epoxy resin is not new but with advancements in the technology and performance of the resins and the growing popularity of the products, craftspeople, artists and woodworkers are becoming more and more creative with what can be produced. But – it is not straight forward, there is a lot that has to be considered and learnt to be able to make a wood and resin product. This includes understanding the wood species that might be used, it’s moisture content, how porous it is, whether it is naturally oily (affecting how the resin will adhere). The preparation of both the wood and the mold or enclosure that is needed for the pour (resin is poured, in liquid form, into a mold or created, temporary, enclosure, that then sets hard). Choosing the correct resin type and consideration for the desired finish/transparency of the resin is also important. The environment where the product will be made must also be suitable to allow correct curing conditions etc. Plus there is much more that goes into the creation of products of this type. Check out this video by Eli-Chem Resins UK Limited for some useful tips, click here on how a river table is made plus there are many products and methods that can be adopted to create resin wood products.   


What is a river table

A river table is commonly used term to describe an epoxy resin and wood table. The resin is seen as the river appearing to flow through the wood. Often the wood encloses the resin from the outer edges of the table leaving the resin on the inner section but, there are many designs, affects and ways to arrange the wood and resin with the table top or structure.

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In any wood and resin product, the contrast of the natural tones and grain if the wood with clean, smooth look and feel of the resin is what jumps out and gives the product their appeal. Along with the fact that there is no other product that is identical. Each is completely unique.

Often wood with a waney edge (the natural shape of the outer edges of the wood) is used rather than square cut or machined edged wood. This again enhances the appearance and contrast between the materials.

Woods such as American black walnut, European and American oaks, cherry and many more are commonly used for resin wood products. But, really the options are endless all dependant on your desired look and affect.

There are alsoendless resin colours and tones with the added variation of the level of transparency.  


With all of the options and ability to customise, these products are becoming the must have feature of any room or space. So why not enhance your living space with a wood resin product that is as unique as you?

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Posted on Monday 04 April 2022 at 15:06