Resin tables coming soon to Wooduchoose

Wooduchoose is soon to launch a new bespoke services to allow customers to design their own bespoke and unique resin tables.

River tables UK

Resin tables, also known as river tables use natural wood and a colour resin to make stunning unique designs. Traditionally resin tables are available  from a few independent retailers, already build as an of the shelf solution.

Resin River Tables 

Wooduchoose will be offering a truly unique service Customer will be able to pick their material of choice, from a wide range of wood, and then select the style of the resin table and the colour of the resin they wish to use.

The tables will have a number of finish options such as straight or waney edges along with a selection of legs.

This truly unique service from Wooduchoose is set to revolutionise the resin table market

More details coming soon.

Posted on Friday 23 April 2021 at 16:33

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