Buying planed timber cut to size

Planed timber can be used in many ways including flooring, shelving, fencing or anything that requires planed edge timber. Buying planed timber online is not always an easy process.

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Planed timber cut to size

Many company offer pre-cut planed timber in only a few wood species in certain sizes. This can be a solution if you have a simple timber requirement but in most cases for the perfect finish and less preparation work on site, it’s always best to order planed timber cut to size in the timber of your choice.

Cut to size planed timber is better than off the shelf timber boards as there is less waist and it’s far more convenient for the final application

Planed timber can be in both hardwood or softwood and is almost always supplied as unfinished or untreated, allowing you to finish the planed timber with either paint or a stain.

Planed timber is not commonly only used in non-structural applications because the look and finish is more important than the grading or strength.

The timber we offer is known as planed squared edge (PSE) or planed all round (PAR). This means all sides are planed smooth.

Why is planed timber better than sawn timber?

Planed timber has a perfectly smooth finish and looks amazing when coated. Planing the timber helps to remove any defects in the wood leaving a great finish ready for coating.

You can build your own planed timber cutting list on Wooduchoose and get multiple quotes from approved UK timber merchants and joinery supplier.

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Posted on Thursday 06 October 2022 at 11:21

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