How to buy planed wood online - Cutting List Resolved

Sourcing planed wood can be challenging, sending a number of emails to multiple suppliers to try and get prices and delivery time scales.  Before you even start that process you need a clean, simple, easy to read cutting list of what you need.

Once you have your list we have some tricks and tips to save you time, effort and cost. Before we get into that, let’s, first, look at the cutting list. 

Wood Cutting lists – Best practice

So, you have a woodworking project where you need a load of timber, planed and ready to use. You go through the drawings, details and information and start to gather a list of what’s needed. Ideally in the form of a cutting list.

To create a clean, simple, easy to follow list, you need to consolidate all the sections of the same dimensions. List each different size on a new line. Each line with then have quantity (number of pieces of that size), length, width, and thickness. In this case, for planed wood, we need to indicate the desired finished dimensions (final sizes after the wood has been planed).

Wood cutting list planed

You can also download this, simple, template for free. Download here >>

Now that you have your cutting list, you will want to source and buy the wood. You have some options here.

1. Send emails to your suppliers

You prepare and send separate emails to all your, known, suppliers or even just your one go-to provider. This is great but is it the best use of your time and are you getting best prices and options?


  • You know the providers; you trust them and they always look after you.


  • It takes time to send these emails and repeat for each supplier (if sending to more than one).
  • You wait for responses to find that they can’t offer the wood or delivery time is not suitable or prices are too high for your budget. Then what? You maybe Google suppliers that can help or search for more suppliers you know or have used before.
  • All adds time when you could have move on to next task.


2. You add your cutting list to Wooduchoose

You enter your list just once and click just once to reach multiple suppliers that offer what you need. Start here >>


  • Get an instant guide price – ideal if you are just quoting a project plus to help ensure you are in budget.
  • One click, multiple quotes, direct to your inbox. Choose by best price, delivery time or offerings.
  • Go about your day knowing that this is happening without your intervention.
  • Have the same confidence about the suppliers, as they have been vetted and selected for their customer service, product quality and competitive pricing.
  • Get price comparisons straight to your inbox.
  • Check out and buy, securely, online. No account forms or approval processes.


We will let you know if we find any.

Wood price comparison tool

We came up with this fantastic tool to help you, we have been in your shoes.

This tool to help you buy planed wood online, is designed to save you time and importantly, to save you money.

How it works. Enter your components, pick the timber, the quantities, the widths, and the thickness, and add until you've created your unique cutting list. You can even mix and match different wood species to cover bigger and more complex projects.


Planed wood buy online

Once you've completed your list, click to show prices, and you'll see a summary of your cutting list.

Depending on the timber location and product chosen, you will often see guide prices instantly.

As soon as you click to request, quote, you receive an instant email, summarizing your request.

Here's the cool bit – we, instantly, identify all the best manufacturers, in the country, able to fulfil your order for you. Our technology allows us to simultaneously send your list as a quote request to all these providers.

They'll then give you a fixed price, quotation and indicate time scales for you.

You can check the status of your quote request at any time.

Plus we'll notify you. As quotes are submitted. You can either wait for all the supplies to submit prices, or you can check out as they're received.

So, in very brief summary, we shop around so you don’t have to.

You simply submit your timber cutting list once. And we find all the best wood suppliers and manufacturers match your needs and then fixed price quotations are then sent to your inbox.

You can compare and once you're ready, you can buy securely online and have the products delivered to your door.

If you are a supplier or would like to help your current supplier find more work, why not ask them to sign up? And become a, Wooduchoose specialist partner?

Cant wait for planed wood pricing? There is a third option to buy planed wood online:

Buy planed wood instantly online with Woodubuy

Same deal – you enter your cutting list, once, this time you will get a fixed price, instantly, online and can checkout and buy, securely, immediately.


  • Instant buying.
  • Secure checkout.
  • Materials provided by one of the best manufacturers in the country.

Cons (compared to option 2).

  • No price comparisons.
  • You can only list one species at a time.

Thanks for reading. We hope this has been of use.

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How to buy planed wood online - Cutting List Resolved

Posted on Tuesday 31 January 2023 at 11:21

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Video Transcript:

A guide to buying planed timber cut to size.

Buying planed timber online is not always an easy process.

Many companies offer pre-cut planed timber in only a few wood species and in certain sizes.

Cut to size planed timber is better than off the shelf timber boards as there is less waist and it’s far more convenient for the final application

Planed timber is often referred to as planed squared edge (PSE) or planed all round (PAR).

Planing timber helps to remove any defects in the wood leaving a great finish ready for painting.

The planed boards come from nominal sized sawn timber sections

It is therefore important to choose section sizes that minimise waste

This is more cost effective and better for the environment

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