Global Timber Shortage - Lets tackle this together

Global Timber Shortage - Lets tackle this together

Wood Shortage - Prices Rise Post COVID-19

We are all experiencing increased costs and a shortage of materials as the world strives to remobilise following COVID-19 restriction relaxations. As all sectors, within the economy, drive back into action - the, enforced, downtime has resulted in shortage of supply. The biggest issue is getting the goods and raw materials back on the shelves and accessible to us all.

The construction and manufacturing industries are being worst hit. Click here to read the article in the BBC news on 26/5/21.  

Timber prices rise as demand goes up and supply is stretched - PROBLEM SOLVED  

How do we solve this problem? by Coming together: As we did, during the darkest times, of the pandemic - now is the time to work together, help each other and find a way to maintain traction to keep the wheels of the economy turning.

Within the timber sector - we have the perfect solution to this. Our system connects buyers with sellers for all things wood. From raw materials to bespoke, custom and off the shelf wooden products.

Seeking? - Looking for wood and wooden things

If you are seeking wood, timber or wooden products - we will help you find them through our suppliers and extensive industry contacts.

Offering? - Do you have what we are short of?

If you currently have the stock or that you know what timber is needed - offer it here on Wooduchoose and connect with those frantically searching for the timber you have.

Woodutrade is a dedicated portal we have developed to promote and sell the vital resource that everyone is seeking. The Portal is easy to use and instantly connects you to buyers seeking your products on our ecommerce site, Wooduchoose. Please help and  click now to connect to buyers and start posting your products and receiving qualified leads. 

Wood price comparison website – Wooduchoose

We are the first and (currently) only site that allows customers to choose a product, choose a wood and then obtain competitive prices from multiple sources with one click (after you have been give an instant estimate of the price you are likely to pay). 

Wood price compare

Connecting people who need wood with those who supply and work with wood.

When we are looking to buy something (anything) nowadays we automatically turn to the internet and ‘Google it’. Until now the wood industry has been left behind in this digital age, until now – we are the first to offer the ability to buy wood and wooden products, often bespoke and custom wooden products, from multiple sources, online. 

This is more vital now than ever, as prices soar and materials become harder to source. 

Not only do we offer this for hardwood mouldings, planed and sawn timber but we also make to match – and you can get an guide price for this instantly too.

Time saving – accurate – we contact the best in country to save you re-sending to multiple manufacturers and then having to chase the quotes. Plus you know what to expect with our innovative system of estimating prices.

how wooduchoose works

Wooduchoose – We shop around so you don’t have to.

This means you can find local and national suppliers at the click of one button without scouring the country trying to find people that can help. We know who can help you and we connect you.


✓ Procurement – need three quotes

✓ Match what you need

✓ Buy securely online

✓ Delivered to you or your site anywhere in the country

To start selling you products please visit woodutrade and for all mouldings, sawn timber and match to match joinery please visit


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Posted on Thursday 27 May 2021 at 11:21

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