Elizabethan Period: A Golden Age of Timber Mouldings

Elizabethan Period: A Golden Age of Timber Mouldings

Elizabethan Period Timber Mouldings

The Elizabethan Period, spanning from 1558 to 1603, was a time of prosperity and cultural enlightenment in England. Named after Queen Elizabeth I, this era is often remembered for its contributions to literature, fashion, and particularly to the world of architecture.

Characteristics of Elizabethan Mouldings

Elizabethan mouldings are distinguished by their geometric forms and intricate carvings. Often, these mouldings featured egg-and-dart, dentil, and guilloche patterns, which remain iconic today. The use of local English oak was prevalent, offering a robust and enduring quality to these pieces.

The Role of Timber

Timber was an integral part of Elizabethan architecture. With the colonisation of new lands, different types of wood became available, expanding the possibilities for more intricate designs. English oak remained a constant, but the introduction of exotic woods allowed for a wider range of colour and texture in mouldings.

Modern Replication of Period Timber Profiles with Wooduchoose

Here at Wooduchoose.com, our 'made to match' service is perfect for those looking to restore or replicate Elizabethan mouldings. With our extensive network of suppliers and advanced algorithms, we ensure you get the best match for your bespoke needs.

The Application of Elizabeth Wood Mouldings Today

While traditional in origin, the Elizabethan moulding styles have found their way into modern homes and historical restorations alike. Their timeless elegance and structural integrity make them an excellent choice for any project.


The Elizabethan Period was a significant chapter in the history of English architecture, offering a wealth of design possibilities with its intricate timber mouldings. If you are interested in incorporating Elizabethan designs into your project, Wooduchoose.com is your go-to platform for custom solutions.

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Posted on Monday 23 October 2023 at 11:21

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