Edwardian Era: The Refinement of Simplicity in Wood Mouldings

Edwardian Era: The Refinement of Simplicity in Wood Mouldings

Edwardian Wood Mouldings


The Edwardian Era, spanning from 1901 to 1910, marks a period of transition in British architecture. As the flamboyant styles of the Victorian age gave way to simpler, more refined designs, the use of wood mouldings also evolved. This era is significant for those involved in the renovation or restoration of historic buildings.

Navigating the transition from the 19th to the 20th century, the Edwardian era epitomised a certain kind of grace. Architecture from this period is noted for its lighter ambiance compared to the darker Victorian designs. Larger windows, fewer subdivisions and a predilection for white-painted mouldings are just a few of the signature features.

When it comes to Edwardian wood mouldings, there is an emphasis on simpler designs yet crafted with finesse. Subtlety is key; less intricate than the Victorians, yet more detailed than the Arts and Crafts, these mouldings offer a unique blend of the understated and the elegant. Be it skirting boards or architraves, Edwardian mouldings generally feature softer lines, graceful curves and a more airy appearance. 

Design Characteristics

Unlike the heavily ornate Victorian styles, Edwardian mouldings were more restrained and functional. The designs often incorporated classical motifs, but in a lighter, more simplified manner. Elements like swags, garlands, and floral patterns remained, albeit in less extravagant forms.

Popular Wood Types

Timber such as oak and mahogany were popular during this period. However, the Edwardian Era also saw the rise in the use of cheaper woods like pine, often painted to mimic more expensive materials.

Where To Use Edwardian Mouldings

Typical applications include door surrounds, skirting boards, and fireplace mantels. Given the period's focus on light and space, mouldings were often used to frame windows and doors, thereby contributing to the overall aesthetic of interior spaces.

Replica or Made-to-Match Services

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The Edwardian Era offers a rich tapestry of design elements that are both elegant and functional. Its emphasis on simplicity and refinement makes it an important period for anyone involved in the restoration of historic architecture.

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