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Our custom wood products are available in lots of different timbers. This ensures you get exactly what you are looking for. Enabling you to match existing wood species, for example you might have an Ash floor and want to have matching Ash skirting – you are unlikely to find this off the shelf. But we have the solution. This applies to many wood species. With hundreds of products available, in numerous wood species, the possibilities run into many thousands of product choices.                      


Our custom products are made to order, using the highest quality timber from sustainable sources - by the best manufacturers in the UK and beyond. The products are not kept in stock to warp and twist (like ‘off the shelf’ wooden products). There is less wastage as we only make what is needed just for you.


These products are all made to order - the prices will include the cost for set up and in some cases cutter production. Therefore the larger the quantity the better the unit price. Click here for the pricing scale. The beauty of our system is that it allows us to offer hundreds of products in the wood of your choice - a unique way of buying bespoke and custom wood products instantly online. 

Many of our custom products are produced by more than one of our manufacturer partners ensuring a competitive price and the ability for you to compare them. 

Are custom products for you?

‘Custom' Verses 'Off the Shelf' Wood Products

Custom v off the shelf products 

Our Standard Options – in the middle

Between mass produced wood products and our custom products we have a standard wood mouldings and standard wood products range.

As an alternative to the mass produced, off the shelf, items you will find online and in large stockists, we also have a range of more standard products within the product categories. These are available in more limited wood options but are often a more economical option (to the complete custom range) and at quicker lead times. Many of these are still produced to order so you have the benefits of a new product but the setup is reduced offering quick a turnaround.

How we work at Wooduchoose

We design and source high quality timber products and offer them for you to buy instantly online.

Once you find what you are looking for on the website (and if you don’t find it, but it’s made of wood, we can source it – so please get in touch) – you click and buy and one of our supply/manufacturer partners will deliver it to your door. With vast experience in the industry since the early 90s we are sure we can help you find the wood product you are looking for.

HOW OUR UNIQUE CUSTOM PROCESS WORKS ONLINEClick here or on the graphic below for step by step screen shots


Custom wood products infographic

Economies of scale

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Posted on Monday 26 June 2017 at 11:21

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