An easy way to buy Sawn Timber and Planed Squared Edge online

An easy way to buy Sawn Timber and Planed Squared Edge online

Wooduchoose have developed three new tools on their website to make buying timber in bulk simpler, with a unique cutting list facility that allows users to get multiple quotes from across the UK to compare prices and specifications before purchasing.

Making buying Sawn Timber easy

Whether you are based in the timber industry, construction, architecture, home restoration or just working on a simple home DIY project, the interface has been designed to make it as simple as possible.

Both our sawn timber and planed squared edge systems have been design to allow users to get a price for a single item our build a complex cutting list of multiple timbers in multiple sizes and length.

Sawn timber

Rather than having to input each item into the cutting list each time we have developed the facility of duplicating existing lines to allow to easily change the timber or sizes without having to rekey every line item.

If help is needed in timber selection we have a wood database providing a large range of helpful information in order to assist with your selection

Once you have created your cutting list an instant price estimate will be shown on scree to indicate the estimate price for the materials you have specified. This estimated is calculated using both our industry experience and knowledge along with the unique Artificial Intelligence learning algorithm that works using live industry data.

Once you have received the estimated price you can then elect to receive full free quotes from our UK wide approved supplier network by simply entering your email and delivery postcode. Our network of suppliers will then submit quotes which will be emailed to you straight away to review, there is no need to sit around and wait for quotes, we will alert you of updates throughout the whole process.

Sawn Timber

Mutiple Sawn timber quotes in one place

Our quoting system then allows you to compare quotes, like for like, form a wide range of approved quality suppliers across the UK. Payment is simple, either online using a credit or debit card with the secure payment gateway Stripe, or pay offline with an easy bank transfer service. No need for trade accounts, proforma’s or credit checks.

The team at, the home of wood, have developed this system to simplify the process of buying timber online, from quality suppliers, in a professional time efficient process.  Why shop around for multiple quotes when you can get them all in one place, and easily compare each offering.

View the Sawn Timber Service

View the PSE service

View Sawn/Planed Standard Boards

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Posted on Thursday 06 January 2022 at 11:21

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