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We love wood, obviously, it is so versatile and so beautiful but it needs to be looked after. Contrary to popular belief, wood is not a living thing but it is a natural material that will change over time depending on its exposure to the weather, to heat, moisture and other external factors.

Protect your wood | Wood care and coating

From wood stains, that provide protection with as well as enhancing the appearance with coloured pigments to oils, that penetrate the wood to keep it supple reducing drying and splitting. There are also varnishes and waxes that provide a protective skin and dyes to enhance or change the natural colour of the wood. All species react and perform differently to the various treatments, coatings and finishes. It is important to know which are best for both the wood your are using and the intended application

We offer more in depth tips and wood care guides , here with our finishing and decorating section.


What are the best wood coatings? Wood finishing products

As mentioned, there are so many factors to consider when it comes choosing the best coatings and finishes for your wooden item. The species, the desired colour and visual effect, the exposure to the elements or factors that will alter the appearance or performance, the application time and method plus how often you would like to reapply/recoat your wood. It is rarely a onetime application and then simply forget about it – wood care, coating and maintenance is ongoing so the service life, accessibility may also influence your chosen product.


The best way to choose your coating and finishing protect is to consult with your professional woodworker or the supplier of your wooden item and then the coating manufacturer’s guidelines. We showcases hundreds of products suitable for wood finishing all offering unique effects and performance for your timber item.

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Wood care, protection, maintenance and finishing is vital. Wood will literally last for hundreds, if not thousands of years, if looked after. If you sell products of this type – please get in touch so that we help you showcase them on Wooduchoose and our dedicated platform Wooduprotect.

Wooduprotect - dedicated platform for wood finishes and care products

Wood Stains

Coatings for timber prducts

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