Bespoke Joinery - A guide to getting the best quote

Bespoke Joinery - A guide to getting the best quote

Bespoke Joinery Project Guide 

For any bespoke joinery project it is essential you provide as much detail as you can.  The suppliers on Wooduchoose are extremely experienced but even they need a helping hand.

The following six points will help you get the best quote for any bespoke joinery project:

 Bespoke Joinery


Visualising the project really gives the suppliers an insight into your needs, you can provide illustrations in the following formats: PNG, PDF, JPG or word documents, this will help the supplier correctly identify your bespoke joinery requirements. Illustrations can include:

  • Images
  • Sketches
  • Photos
  • Photos
  • Drawings


Describe which material (wood) you wish to use, if you do not know then simply ask for recommendations or look on our interactive wood database for ideas, this should guide you in the right direction but don’t worry, our suppliers are very experienced and will tell you if the material is not correct for usage or if there is a better solution.


Provide the sizes for each item, please make sure you are clear on the measurement method e.g. CM or MM. Also a good tip is to keep all measurements consistent to avoid any mistakes or miscalculations. Also make sure you provide sizes for all widths, thickness, heights of all components.


Indicate how much you want of each item, this is normally in meters but for individual items it could be units.


Normally the delivery postcode is enough to calculate the delivery price based on the size and weight of your bespoke joinery project, but please also state if there are any possible delivery restrictions or access issues. This will solve a lot of problems later down the line.


Any information, drawings, sketches or notes can greatly help a supplier accurately quote on your project. The more information you give, potentially the better the price will be.

Hopefully these six points will help you with your bespoke joinery project, but if you have any questions regarding the correct material, mouldings or how to measure then please do get in touch. Wooduchoose – The home of wood.

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Posted on Saturday 15 May 2021 at 11:21

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