A guide to buying timber or and wooden products online

A guide to buying timber or and wooden products online

So you are looking to buy a timber based product, what are your options ?

1. Contact your local joinery firm:

For this option there are a number of obstacles, firstly are they any good? How do you know? you will need to look for reviews and recommendations. Then you will need contact them and speak the specifier, this has its own challenges as most joineries are busy so contact can be hard. Secondly most joineries only deal with trade, so if they are willing to work with you would need to create a trade account with a credit check. Next you would need to specify the product dimensions. The quantity and of course the timber, all this takes time and effort. Now we are not saying all joineries are like this but it does happen. Then you have to think financially, for any building project you should get at least 3 quotes, so you would need to repeat the process over and over again. You will be surprised at the variations in pricing and you have to judge yourself if all quotes are like for like.

2. Search the web for prices:

A simple search for bespoke joinery or wooden handrail will bring back multiple sites, some looking better than other’s but who do you trust? Also when comparing off the shelf handrail are you comparing like for like? Different materials. Different profiles and unknown delivery cost all form a factor when shopping around online and when investing in a timber product this can be challenging.

3. Shop at Wooduchoose:

With Wooduchoose you have two options. Choose one of our thousands of profiles (filters are in place to make it simple) or upload a picture or drawing of what you need and then choose a timber, we provide recommendations based on the product. After entering the quantity you need you will be given a guide price instantly in your chosen timber and other recommended timbers to help you distinguish the price difference. If happy then simply enter the delivery postcode and wait for multiple quotes from across the UK for your exact specification.  Once you have the quotes you can compare like for like, review all the specifications and then securely buy online.

Benefits of using Wooduchoose:

  • No trade account needed
  • Multiple quotes in one place
  • Quotes based on the same specifications
  • Compare quotes in one place (with local suppliers flagged)
  • Secure payment options

Helpful information on buying timber online:

  • Will the product be supplied in fixed lengths or random lengths, this often happens in timber architrave and if not spotted you may be disappointed or even worse short of timber when it arrives.  Make sure the quote specifies what length you will get.
  • Is the delivery cost included? Many online sites show the raw costs but fail to include delivery until the final stages of checkout which can greatly effect the price. Also check the delivery method, sometimes suppliers only deliver to construction sites not residential.
  • Should you buy hardwood softwood? This selection can have a number of factors for example will it be used internally or externally.
  • What is the best wood to use? This depends on the application. For example if you are buying wooden handrail and are going to paint it, then price becomes more of a factor than the quality of the timber grain. Make sure you see prices in multiple timbers to get the best solution for you.
  • Is all timber ethically sourced? The honest simple answer no. At Wooduchoose we have a strict vetting policy of suppliers to make sure ethical and sustainable timber guidelines and practices are adhered to.
  • Will all timber match if I buy from different suppliers? No. Timber is a natural product so if you are buying walnut handrail and walnut architrave it’s best to buy from the same supplier to ensure a consistent match. Our quoting system will ensure you get matching timber from the same supplier at the same time.
  • Will the product be finished or unfinished ? An important question which could save you time and  could seriously affect the price. Check the specification to make sure you know what you are getting what you need.

Other useful guides from Wooduchoose:

Hopefully this guide has been of use, but if you are not sure on what you need or need some help, please view our interactive product wizard which will help you with your timber purchase, or contact Wooduchoose for support and advice.

Disclaimer: Some links on this page are sponsored. We only endorse products and services from trusted sources, items that add value and are relevant to our readers, within our specialist sector. Buttons and links may open new windows and we may receive a commission for purchases you make with our associated partners.

Posted on Saturday 20 November 2021 at 11:21

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