Woodworking and joinery in Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is fast approaching us and in this article we look a number of resources on how industry 4.0 is impacting the woodworking industry.  Industry 4.0 refers to a new phase in the Industrial Revolution that focuses heavily on interconnectivity, automation, machine learning, and real-time data. Software and IT has never been more used in manufacturing, and the woodworking and joinery industry can greatly benefit from new technology, in some ways our woodworking sector has been industry leading. 

Here are a few articles on how the woodworking and joinery industries are reacting to industry 4.0:


Taking Industry 4.0 to the next level: Accelerating digitalisation in the Asian market

“The woodworking industry in Asia is facing unprecedented challenges as they cope with escalating business costs, fast-changing customer demands and competitive pressures stemming from digital transformation, due to the rise in digital ecosystems and increased connectivity across the region, as well as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on supply chains,” said Wolfgang Neeser, managing director, HOMAG Asia.

As many industry players begin to integrate cloud computing, data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning into their manufacturing process, it is important for them to harness this digital prowess in a scalable and sustainable manner.

Read More: https://www.homag.com/en/news-events/news/article/taking-industry-40-to-the-next-level-accelerating-digitalisation-in-the-asian-market


Industry 4.0 woodcutting system

The woodworking processing industry’s evolution to a fully digital environment has seen technology improve by leaps and bounds..

Launched in early 2019 by Salvamac’s Cross-Cutting Division as an evolution of more than 20 years in the field, which focuses on the cutting and optimisation of wood, SalvaPush 2000 is the group’s flagship cross-cutting optimising saw. SalvaPush_2000 is ideally suited to cut single wood pieces with length optimisation, as well as to cut boards using a prefixed cutting cycle. It can be applied for use in a range of solid wood market segments such as windows and doors; furniture; beams and houses; flooring; sofas; glue panels and lamellar wood; pallets; garden furniture; and children’s toys, among others

Read More: https://www.furnitureproduction.net/resources/articles/2021/01/1407835528-salvamac-salvapush-2000-%E2%80%93-wood-cutting-system-industry-40%C2%A0

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Industry 4.0 in the Wood Industry: Beyond the Buzz

Woodworking companies challenged to find skilled help should take a closer look at automating the infeed and outfeed of materials, said Varelli. “If owners can understand how to apply Industry 4.0 machines or principles into their manufacturing environment, my gut tells me they would put their money toward new machinery to make themselves more efficient and profitable with fewer employees.”

“Just because you have a CNC machining centre doesn’t mean you have to have a person to load and unload it,” Varelli added. “You could put a smart robot on the back end to unload the machined parts onto a cart or pallet. Now we have eliminated the person from the whole CNC process so that they can be deployed elsewhere like the assembly department and bring more value to the product.”

Read More https://www.awfsfair.org/2019/04/19/industry-4-0-in-the-wood-industry-beyond-the-buzz/


Wood working jobs

Automation in the woodworking industry

Every day, dust and chips take a heavy toll on your woodworking and wood processing machines and systems. You therefore need robust solutions that offer excellent availability, but which at the same time deliver top precision and flexibility. How can you best address these requirements while also ensuring production is cost-efficient? By taking advantage of our innovative automation technology!

Wood - a natural and amazingly versatile raw material

Timber as a natural raw material is about as versatile as the production processes in the woodworking and wood processing industry. These range from entry-level to high-end machines, and from individual "batch size 1" production to mass production. But they all have one thing in common: they must be extremely cost-efficient.

Read More: https://www.festo.com/sg/en/e/solutions/industry-segments/woodworking-industry-id_1182453/


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