Five examples of wood and epoxy resin serving boards.

Looking for Christmas present ideas, or just a stunning item to impress your friends and class up your kitchen?, then this guide form Wooduchoose could help.  In this article we profile five of the most stunning sharing/ charcuterie boards available online.

epoxy resin serving boards

Now we all know what a serving board is,  but not everyone is familiar with charcuterie boards. A charcuterie board is an appetizer typically served on a wooden board that features a selection of  cured meats, cheeses and olives. Very popular in Europe and a great way to entertain guests.

Most serving and charcuterie boards are a bit boring to look at, but we would like to introduce you to these stunning wood and epoxy resign products. Not only do they embrace our love of wood, a truly stunning product on its own, but the brilliance of these woodworking artists creating a stunning finish with epoxy resin.

We hope you like these items.

1. Large Olive Wood Cheese Serving Board in "Ocean" Inspired Style.

Large Olive Wood Cheese Serving Boar

This is a stunning example of a large olive wood serving board, designed with a beautiful ocean effect. The use of blue and white epoxy resin has created a truly visual representation of the ocean. The use of Olive wood is very cleaver as the natural grain of the heartwood represents the beach and sand dunes.

This is a made to order product, with an approximate production of two weeks. Its not that long to wait for a stunning epoxy resin charcuterie board. View the link below to see this stunning product and customisation options.

View Wood Cheese Serving Board >


2. Large personalised initialled wooden Ocean resin art cheese board.

Large personalised initialled wooden Ocean resin art cheese board

Another example of a personalised resin chopping board / cheese board with and ocean / sea shore effect. The Incredible 3d wave effect is achieved by adding multiple layers of white and blue epoxy resin, this board is different from our first suggestion as the timber used this time is high quality oak.

Oak has a slightly darker finish than olive and a wider grain, providing a life leach beach representation on an stunning hand main wood Charcuterie Board.

This chopping board comes in varies sizes, including: 14"×10" / 35 х 25 Centimetres - 18"× 12" / 45 × 30 Centimetres.

These epoxy resin board are available in a stunning natural finish or with personation options including engraving.

View Ocean resin art cheese board > 


3.  Epoxy River Cutting Board / Charcuterie Board

Epoxy River Cutting Board

A more traditional custom river cutting board with epoxy and olive wood, but I sure you agree this would look stunning in any kitchen or the dining table with an nice glass of wine and some hard cheese.

This epoxy resin wood shopping board is made from olive timber and is available in the size of your choice along with a selection of resin covers.

View the Charcuterie Board >


4. Large bamboo tray / resin ocean board

Resin Ocean Board 

This long paddle-shaped kitchen board is a stylish way to instantly raise the bar and make your presentation effortlessly elegant.  Rounded shoulders develop into a long handle for added grip, as well as a handy handing hole to ensure you board is always on display.

Decorated with multiple layers of ocean inspired blue and green resin art with crashing waves. Giving this piece its unique 3D effect.

View the long paddle-shaped kitchen board >


5. Handmade Oak cutting board with resin honeycomb design.

Handmade Oak cutting board

For a final suggestion, we bring you something truly stunning and unique, the  handmade oak and resin honeycomb cutting board.

We have seen so many beautiful epoxy resign charcuterie boards, mostly with ocean designs, but this hexagonal design is a firm favourite with the Wooduchoose team. This is a perfect example of what a resign charcuterie board should be, unique in design and with the use of reclaimed wood, it adds a sustainable bonus.

The size of the boards are 370x240x30 mm, but custom sizes are an option.

View the resin honeycomb cutting boards >


Design your own Epxoy Resin River Table

Hopefully you have found this article on wood and epoxy resin boards useful. If you have a bespoke requirements for a resign product or a resign river table, then please have a look at our online tool, which will calculate an instant estimated price for any size and shape river table, please see the link below:


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