A guide on wood architrave

An Architrave is a type of interior moulding that sits around the frame of a doorway or window and is almost always made of solid wood. Wood architrave is for door surrounds or around openings. Most wood architraves can be manufactured in the timber species of your choice.

Timber architrave mouldings

The most popular wood species for Architrave is; Oak (and we offer American Oak and European oak architrave). We offer solid hardwood architrave in Maple, Utile, Walnut, Ash, Beech and many more. Although this product range is not intended for exterior use, should you decide to use our profiles outside - Iroko architrave is highly recommended for external applications. 

Timber architrave conceals the joint and any shrinkage or movement that may occur between the wall and the casing within the door surround.

Timber architrave can also be used to frame windows in more traditional homes and buildings, but more recently it has become popular in contemporary homes to add extra depth to the design of a room where shutters have replaced curtains.  Another use for wood architrave is around timber built-in cupboards or timber loft hatches.

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What is wood architrave?

Architraves are interior mouldings fitted around a door frame or a window. They allow you to hide door joints and other rough surfaces by acting as a trim where the joints meet the walls or the floor. Architrave is typically available in a range of materials and finishes.

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Is architrave the same as skirting?

Skirting board is designed to be fitted around the perimeter of a room, fixed to the wall where it meets the floor. Architrave, however, is generally much thinner than skirting board and is fitted around doors where the (most likely wooden) door frame meets the plaster.

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What is architrave used for?

Architrave conceals the joint and any shrinkage or movement that may occur between the wall and the casing within the door surround.

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What size does architrave come in?

The most common architrave width we see is 70mm (approximately 3 inches). This is due to the majority of people have 6 inch skirting or shorter within their homes. 70mm architrave tends to suit skirtings of this height.

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What are the types of architrave?

Most architraves are made from one of three materials: hardwood, softwood or medium-density fibreboard (MDF). Other less common architrave materials include plaster, PVC, rubber, ceramic tiles and aluminium.

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Do skirting boards and architraves need to match?

For a simple answer, it's true that architraves and skirtings 'should' match, but matching is more relevant to proportional sizes and not design. You can very easily have different profile styles that work well together, and features that complement each other, even if they don't necessarily match

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What are architrave mouldings?

Architraves are a type of moulding that can be found around doors and windows. They can add a decorative finishing touch and also serve the purpose of hiding unsightly gaps. Architrave mouldings are generally added just after the window and door framing is installed. This assists in creating the best finished effect.

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How do you measure for architrave?

Measure the line across the top of the door between intersections and mark the length onto the inner edge of your architrave piece. Architrave is joined with mitre cuts, so remember to account for the longer edge when you're measuring up. Lightly mark the intended direction of the cuts onto the architrave.

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What is torus architrave?

The Torus is a sleek and subtle architrave that will add a great finishing touch to your door frames. There are also matching skirting boards in three heights so you can replace those at the same time to complete the look. They are all primed and ready to paint in the colour of your choice.

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