Planed Square edge 2147 [PSE164]

Volume 1 truckload Spot - 1 time

Planed Square edge timber

Thickness 22 mm
Width 143 mm
Length 1200,800 mm
Grading system Euro. Norms: strength graded - carcassing graded sawn timber (EN338-EN1310)
Quality C16
Drying Kiln dry (KD)
Description TOP QUALITY !!
First class palette elements dimensions :

- 1200x143x22 mm
- 800x143x22 mm
- 1200x98x22 mm


-143x78 mm
-98x78 mm

We are looking to establish long term relationship with Western European buyers mainly Austria/Germany.
Our offer may be ExW South Poland but we can also provide fast transport within Europe with our own fleet of trucks.
Should you have any questions feel free to ask.


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Application Application

This item can be used for both external and internal applications

Product Size - Width: 22 mm - Thickness: 143 mm

Product priced by: 'm'

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