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Bespoke Intricate Wooden Product | Carved or complex - made to match

Click 'choose wood' to select and proceed, enter your details and all the information about what you need made from wood and we will send quotations directly to your inbox.

This item is for bespoke intricate mouldings or products, purpose made, made to match wooden item(s) that you may need. Often this for when you may need CNC production such as items with carvings or detailing.

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Please remember to include;

  1. Overall dimensions (plus any other important dimensions) of your required item(s)
  2. Image(s) and/or sketch(es) and drawings
  3. Wood Species - we'll help you choose the right wood for your project at the next stage
  4. Quantity - overall amount needed plus any specific length or size requirements
  5. Delivery post/zip code
  6. Delivery restrictions
  7. Plus anything else that will assist us in ensuring we get you the right price.


This item can be used for both external and internal applications

Product priced by: 'Unit(s)'

  • Left unfinished to be coated or finished as desired. This will be 'bare' - for information about wood finishing please go to

  • We have multiple partners who can supply this product. Compare prices and options

  • Created by the use of a CNC machine (computer numerical control - cutting, boring, shaping and maching controlled by a computer). This allows intricate designs and shaping along with the ability to acurately and cost effectively mass, or repeat, produce items

  • Customizable and then lovingly made, for you, to order. You'll get estimated timescales at pricing stage

  • Made to match your item or to your design.

  • Available in your choice of wood species. We'll also help you choose the right wood for your application


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