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Cladding is a popular element to buildings that is used to enhance the aesthetic appeal and durability of buildings. It is often used as an exterior finish for walls, roofs, and other architectural features. One of the most popular types of cladding is timber cladding, also known as wooden cladding or wood cladding. Timber cladding is made from a variety of wood species, including red cedar, and is used to provide a natural and rustic look to a building's exterior.

Timber cladding is available in a wide range of styles, including exterior timber cladding, exterior tongue and groove cladding, and Accoya cladding. These styles are perfect for both new construction projects and renovation projects, as they can be used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of both modern and traditional buildings.

Wooduchoose specialises in providing custom timber cladding, perfect for restoration projects and historic buildings, or cladding made to your design. We are able to replicate and match the wood species, finishes and styles used in the original cladding, making it ideal for those looking for copy or replica cladding.

In addition to our made to match service, we also offer a variety of timber cladding options including exterior wood cladding, external wood cladding, and tongue and groove cladding. We have a wide range of timber cladding materials, including Accoya, Thermo Ash, Iroko, Cedar and Larch, Ipe cladding and more. Our timber cladding boards are available in different thicknesses and finishes to suit your specific project requirements.

Whether you're looking to add cladding to a new construction project, or you're renovating an older building, we have the expertise and experience to help you achieve the perfect look. Browse our selection of timber cladding products and our unique, service will save you time and money. The only wood price comparison site the web. 

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Flooring 160Hoec

Width: 169 mm - Thickness: 21 mm
Wood: Oak - Character Grade (Euro)
Flooring 160Hoec - FL160-H-oec image
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